Green Dream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Green Dream strain is a great Sativa-predominant crossover that has strong hereditary qualities behind it to help its belongings when smoked. To be specific, the precursors it depends on are the super well-known Sativa Green Break and the famous Blue Dream. Despite the fact that the individuals behind the Green Dream strain are obscure, its hereditary qualities are indisputable. By smoking the Green Dream strain you get compellingly reviving citrus and flower fragrances that convey a persevering through high with them. With its feminized characteristics, worry less because you will have high yielding seeds. No matter what your Sativa to indica inclinations are, you will find this strain similarly interesting to you as though it was your favorite one. This strain with the greatest is just accessible here in Crop King Seeds. We circulate our items with flawlessness so the question is not welcome in us!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Green Poison x Big Devil Auto
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.6%
THC Content: 15%-20%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the Green Dream Strain?

A Sativa prevailing half and half, Green Dream is a hybrid of Blue Dream and Green Break. It is named Green Dream because of its taste which is similar to green tea and furthermore on the grounds that it has been framed out of Blue Dream that is one of the most pervasive strains that anyone could hope to find. The impact this strain produces on a patient is that it gives them a youngster-like inclination toward life. With a madly high THC level of 24%, Green Dream imparts in an individual an out-of-body sensation. This crossbreed is overwhelmingly utilized for pressure but at the same time is useful for misery. It contains various extraordinary impacts. This strain is successful for stress, constant exhaustion, and when an individual requires to finish things rapidly.

Growing Information on Green Dream Strain

On a more sure note, planned producers might allude to its parent strains to essentially make a few taught suspicions with regards to the conceivable developing way of behaving of Green Dream itself. In this way, let us look at its parent strains’ development do’s and don’t. Green Break is known to flourish either indoors or open air. The strain in all actuality does well in both soil and hydro medium. For its indoor development, blossoming time might take around 7 to about two months. Outside, the buds of Green Break might be reaped around late September to early October. The strain goes through a blossoming period for 9 to 10 weeks inside while its open-air blooming time might go on until October before the nugs are prepared for collection.

How to Grow Green Dream Strain

From planting to the collection, Green Dream (Autoflowering) Strain might require roughly two months. It very well may be developed both inside and outside. It can develop to a level of 50 to 110 cm, which is the ideal size for a nursery shed or gallery. At the point when developed outside, it produces somewhere in the range of 50 and 200 grams for every plant, contingent upon the environment, the supplements, the climate, the cultivators’ capacities, and their consideration. For the plants to prosper, put them in a warm, sticky, and temperature-controlled climate. The advancement of the plant’s strong pieces can be advanced rapidly with the SOG strategy.

Medical Benefits of Green Dream Strain

While utilizing Green Dream Strain interestingly, know that it gives you a strong inclination that could cause a ton of unconventionality, which can be destructive in the event that you’re not accustomed to it. Actual inconveniences like Weakness, nervousness, misery, and other mental afflictions can be felt much better by its inspiring impacts. Subsequently, individuals with gentle to severe persistent agony can take Green Dream since it quiets the whole body. Body torment decrease, solid unwinding, and persistent agony mitigation are totally supported by pain-relieving and calming qualities. It is powerful at dealing with rest problems like sleep deprivation. Its unwinding and quieting properties help the body and mind to loosen up to prepare for a peaceful night’s rest.

Strain Aroma

The majority of the scent remains after adding a dash of pine. It has a zesty, lemony flavor and aroma, making it extremely soothing to the lungs and throat.

Strain Flavor

The flavor of the Green Dream strain is best described as earthy, citrus, and sweet when smoked or made into an edible form.

Strain Appearance

The strain is made up of short marijuana plants with heavy, pepper-shaped buds, long, light-green leaves, and hairs with an amber tint and a sticky trichome coating. It also has elongated, brilliant green leaves, a texture resembling beige hair, and white resins wrapping around its tiny, compact buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which strain is a green dream?

– Green Dream is a cross between Blue Dream and Green Crack dominated by Sativa. Green Dream is the name given to it because it tastes like green tea and was made from Blue Dream, one of the most widely used strains that are available.

Is Green Dream a remedy for depression?

– Green Dream induces an out-of-body experience due to its insanely high THC content of 24%. This hybrid is mostly used to deal with stress, but it can also help with depression.

What is green dream THC?

– Green Dream induces an out-of-body experience in users thanks to its insanely high THC content of 24%. This hybrid is mostly used to deal with stress, but it can also help with depression.



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