Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Quite possibly the most popular strain globally, Sour Diesel’s reputation as a pungent, fast-acting fuel is legendary. This sativa goes straight to the head, imparting a cerebral, energetic high. Dank buds smell of citrus fruits and open diesel. This plant grows quickly, particularly in the first 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, and is an excellent choice for “sea of green” gardens. Light green flowers mature in 10 weeks.

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Your Mental Fuel

Sour Diesel has been a staple in the marijuana community for its long-simmering effects and uplifting high. A perfect morning or afternoon strain, this weed offers a decent high but delivers on the medical front. As soon as you take this Sativa dominant strain, your brain slowly expands, and you can immediately feel the declutter within your mind. Creative ideas soon start to flood. Your body follows suit by promoting a sense of wellness and calmness.

This Sativa hybrid focuses more on helping you reach mental clarity that boosts your confidence and focus at work. With enough THC of 18.50 percent in your system, you can feel the cannabinoids working their way all over your body by providing you with analgesic properties as well as mood-altering chemicals. Depression and anxiety are less felt when you smoke this weed. Mostly grown outdoors in a Mediterranean-like climate, Sour Diesel’s feminized seeds can reach up to 300 to 400 grams per plant of yield.

22 reviews for Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ranter503


    Ok, I went with all the hype and grabbed this. These plants were the ones that stunk the most in the weed garden. Very high yield and they reached about 7 feet high. These buds were more of a darker green compared to cb dream and sativa star in which I grew together. I’ve definitely had better looking nugs but the plants looked super. This was an outdoor grow and maybe had something to do with it. The smoke on the other hand was un…real. Very smooth inhales and a chill high. Now this made me pick up my guitar and enjoy my surroundings. Just an overall great high.

  2. Avatar for Craig Austin

    Craig Austin

    I harvested 1200 grams of rock hard buds from 2 plants, in buried 20 liter pails. Covered in trichomes, as sticky as Gorilla Glue#4, no sign of mould or bugs. Everyone who smells and smokes it, loves it. Big winner.

  3. Avatar for Craig Austin

    Craig Austin

    I bought 10, 10 cracked. First time doing the germinating method from crop king. So far so good.

  4. Avatar for Sparkey224


    Very Nice CK. Had two phenos that were incredible. Both were very potent ..Pheno #1 was huge yield with straight gas smell that went 68 days . Pheno #2 more sativa with monster pointed colas. Very sweet smell that went 77 days. This was my second grow with CKS. See some bad reviews, maybe some people need to learn how to grow before posting bad reviews. I have been growing for over 20yrs and have nothing but great experiences with this company. Definitely going to order this one again

  5. Avatar for Cartoonking


    amazing!! Sprouted and we just harvested them!! Just waiting for them to dry and then cure! we ended up with quite a lot! very pleased and totally recommend! will purchase from here again!

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