Super Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Super Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant all-female cannabis strain with high THC at 19 percent. This is a heavy-yielder and an early bloomer in just 6 to 8 weeks. This is a euphoric, relaxing, hungry, and focused strain with citrus, pungent, sweet, and earthy flavors you’ll surely love to try.

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More About Super Skunk Feminized

The Skunky Crowd-Pleasing Indica

Super Skunk, even with its pungent smell, keeps on enticing new users to try it. It is not a mystery why this weed has amassed a lot of followers all over the world. Its high yielding potential and high-quality effects are the reasons why tokers are still lighting up blunts of this weed decades after it was introduced.

This highly influential Indica dominant strain is slowly gaining stride and will likely overtake the popularity of its parent strains, namely Afghan and Skunk #1, in terms of power. A great evening strain to smoke, this skunky weed entails a full body high that should lock users on the couch and never to wake up until the morning. This joyful toke maybe a crowd favorite, but it also boasts high medical value, especially for those who are wide awake at night trying to sleep. An easy resolution for insomniacs to try is to smoke this highly sedative weed and let the relaxing properties claim your body as you go to slumber.


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