Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an all-female indica-dominant cannabis strain with very heavy yields. This is a relaxing, happy, and uplifting strain with butter, cheese, earthy, sweet, and pungent flavors. It is effective for conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and migraines. This is not a beginner strain but can be cultivated in temperate or sunny climates.

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More About Cheese (fem)

An Eccentric Strain With An Outlandish Smell

If there is one strain in this world that is highly regarded as one of the most unique – it is Cheese. This Indica leaning plant displays its uniqueness with its very recognizable aroma and flavor. The overpowering smell of wet socks, mustiness, and cheese combined to reveal a potent strain that induces a lengthy body buzz.

Just like the original cheese, this perfectly blended weed is a great late afternoon or evening toke. Those who are exhausted from the daily struggles in life will find this weed to be therapeutic. All the stress and tension begin to leave the body on the first toke, and relaxation is bound to happen at the end of the session. With its countless therapeutic contributions like relief from pain and stress, it is no wonder why Cheese is such a popular strain to smoke even with its pungent smell.

With a plant that both display Indica and Sativa attributes, it is best to grow this weed in a more controlled setting such as an indoor facility where artificial lighting, temperature, and humidity levels are managed.


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