Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Cheese Autoflower marijuana is a very well-known strain due to its calming effects. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain and the offspring between Cheese Auto and Critcal+. The Cheese Autoflower contains a THC content level of 9-12% and a low CBD content level that could offer you a euphoric feeling and lift your spirits and gently relax you to sleep. It could also effectively alleviate chronic pain aches due to its powerful sedative features.  This plant is highly resistant to molds, rodents, and other organisms that could damage the plant. The Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds grow rapidly, taking just eight to nine weeks to maturity. 


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More About Cheese Autoflower 

Cheese Autoflower taste is just like its scent; it has an intensely fruity, berries aroma, cheese, and skunk hint. When smoking, the cheese and skunk smell will first hit your nostrils and could last for quite some time, indeed an extreme scent. The users will experience an outpouring of joy inside the body, and when time passes, the sedative effect becomes more extreme. You’ll still have enough strength to do a little lighter things before falling asleep or shutting yourself into a sofa. The creative boost inside your mind will be running double-time as you enjoy the euphoric feeling of the strain. The impact could also remove almost all of the negative thoughts on your head, allowing you to think more clearly.

The Cheese autoflower strain could alleviate some medical problems, such as arthritis and muscle spams even more manageable. Insomnia is also another medicinal use for the strain’s soothing properties. It could also soothe the pain that keeps you awake at night while still lulling your brain into a comfortable sleep.

Cheese Autoflower strain is a robust and quick-growing plant that doesn’t break corners to yield. Cheese can produce effectively with only minimal TLC and a regular diet; even a novice grower can successfully cultivate this plant. This small plant thrives in organic soil, hydroponics, and in a SOG environment when grown indoors.  When harvest time comes, you will be able to harvest 25-60 g/m2 of sticky buds indoors. Also, this marijuana plant can withstand harsh weather, so northern cannabis growers are in luck. Growers can plant these seeds as early while the last frosts have passed. Any harvest season, each plant can produce anywhere from 60 – 135 gr/plant outdoors. 

1 review for Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Holston


    I’m delighted as I watch her grow in my backyard. I’m just sipping my coffee and feeling good! easy to cultivate, it only took 10 weeks for it to be ready to harvest. I harvested about 200g of buds per plant. The sweet scent is great, and the cheesy flavored smoke has blown my mind. She makes me feel as if my mind is floating and my body is relaxing and comfortable. It helps me to overcome depression, it keeps me strong. I smoke it at night and get more sleep than I do before. Such a good time! gonna buy more.

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