Best Feminized Fast Version Seeds Canada

Feminized and also fast flowering all at once? Feminized fast version seeds Canada is for you to enjoy. These marijuana seeds has the characteristics of both feminized marijuana seeds and fast version marijuana seeds meaning they will exclusively only produce female cannabis plant and also have a quicker growing time. These are the best seeds if you want to improve your overall harvest of marijuana as two of the best variety of marijuana seeds combine with this extraordinary one-of-a-kind seed. The best feminized fast version seeds available in Canada are only right here at Crop King Seeds we offer the best quality genetics with a germination guarantee in each of our seeds. Buy feminized fast version seeds today and start pumping up those numbers!

What are feminized fast version seeds?

Feminized fast version seeds are marijuana seeds that have both characteristics of feminized and fast version seeds. This means that two of the most popular and desirable varieties of seeds are combined into one resulting in a great marijuana seed that can flower quickly and produce female cannabis plants exclusively. This strain variety is especially popular with those cultivators that want to increase their number of harvests in a short period of time. Feminized fast version marijuana seeds can be harvested as fast as 6 weeks saving growers a lot of time and resources.

What are the benefits of growing feminized fast version seeds?

There are a lot of benefits of growing feminized fast version seeds as two of the best strains of marijuana are combined into one and their best traits have been inherited. Feminized fast version seeds guarantee an all-female garden as these seeds are pollinated from genetically modified plants that only produce female marijuana seeds. You will save time growing these seeds as trimming and pruning of male plants are eliminated in the process of cultivating. Speaking of saving time, these seeds also flower quickly due to the trait of the fast version seeds making it possible to harvest seeds as fast as 6 weeks.

Difference Between Fast Version Seeds and Autoflower Seeds?

Feminized fast version seeds are a hybrid of marijuana seeds with feminized photoperiod and autoflowering characteristics. It will combine the traits of the parent seeds, making them reliant on light, ensuring a female garden, and capable of flowering quickly. Fast Feminized fast version seeds have some reliance on light cycles, as this will affect how long their vegetative stage will last, which can be either extended or lessened, in contrast to autoflowering, which does not rely on having light cycles and will flower based on its age. Growing Feminized fast version seeds can result in larger plants with higher yields than growing autoflowering seeds, which is another significant difference between the two strains.

Where to Buy Feminized Fast Version Seeds?

Feminized Fast Version cannabis seeds can be purchased quickly and conveniently in Canada. Firstly, go to and browse our enormous catalog of different categories. You can select the pack size, which runs from 5 to 25 cannabis seeds, once you’ve determined the strains you want to buy. We accept Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers, and cash on delivery as forms of payment. After paying,  All that’s left to do is wait a few days for your premium marijuana seeds to arrive securely at your doorstep.

How to grow Feminized Fast Version Seeds?

There is a way to grow feminized fast version seeds faster with the use of hydroponic gardening. Since the roots are exposed to nutrient-rich water in a hydroponic garden, feminized fast version cannabis seeds will grow even more quickly. However, if you don’t have the equipment or knowledge required for hydroponic farming, dirt will do just fine. More light is preferable in terms of lighting. Plants can grow faster, stronger, and healthier with more light. A lighting schedule that includes appropriate darkness will also be advantageous to plants since roots develop more effectively in the dark. To promote flowering, your feminized fast version weed seed strains should be started on a lighting schedule of 20/4 or 18/6 before being moved to a 12/12 lighting schedule. In terms of harvesting, do not harvest rashly, Investigate the best drying and curing methods before harvesting. Your cannabis plant should have a lot of pistils and trichomes before harvesting for a guarantee of a sizable harvest.

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