CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze are combined in the CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Stain. This strain is 80% dominantly Indica. The CB Dutch Treat Feminized is ideal for novice growers looking to improve and gain experience because it is simple to grow. CB Dutch Treat Feminized is known for being simultaneously energizing, euphoric, and uplifting. This is the smoke for you if you’re tired and in need of a boost. In terms of therapeutic effects, this strain will alleviate pain by calming the body and boosting energy and calm. Would you like to hear more? Crop King Seeds has CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds for you to try. This current variety is suitable for growers aiming for professional and personal success. We guarantee that these seeds are of the highest possible quality.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Amnesia Haze and Azura Haze
Dominant: Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
CBD Content: 8%
THC Content:  4%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is the CB Dutch Treat Strain?

Amnesia Haze and Azura Haze were crossed to form the CB Dutch Treat Strain. The ratio of THC to CBD in the CB Dutch Treat Feminized marijuana strain is 1:2; The CB Dutch Treat Feminized strain of marijuana contains 8.00% CBD and 4.00% THC. Because of its gentle THC and high CBD, this strain turns into enjoyment for sporting and restorative clients. The session is enjoyable thanks to its sweet, piney, fruity, earthy, and woody flavors. Amnesia Haze and Azura Haze were crossed into this strain. This strain is not as psychedelic as other strains, particularly those in the Haze family, due to its low THC content. Given its genetics and overall characteristics, it should come as no surprise that this strain has a very strong overall impact.

Growing Information on CB Dutch Treat Strain

The CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Strain is a robust cultivator that can grow to at least 4 feet. Also to be expected are planted with short and long leaves. It takes approximately 9 to 10 weeks for the numerous light-green flowers to mature, which is typical for its class. If you’re looking for a strain that’s easy to grow, this is a great option. Additionally, you can anticipate a significant quantity of dank buds from this vine. Additionally, it grows easily both indoors and outdoors. The strain requires the Mediterranean temperature for indoor cultivation. Depending on the number of strains growing, install one or two fans to ensure excellent air circulation.

How to Grow CB Dutch Treat Strain

When grown indoors, these plants thrive in conditions with the ideal temperature, light source, and humidity. The Sea of Green method is the best one to use when cultivating this strain if you want to increase the number of buds produced by the plant. On the other hand, the Screen of Green technique is the best one to use if you want to control the plant’s growth and encourage horizontal growth. These plants thrive outdoors in warm, dry conditions with ample sunlight access. When they are allowed to grow on their own, they will be rewarded with a high-quality crop. Additionally, these plants have the potential to grow extremely tall and out of control. It is recommended to trim and top the hedges to control their growth.

Medical Benefits of CB Dutch Treat Strain

CB Dutch Treat delivers a lot more than you’d expect from a top-notch Indica strain. Due to its potent pain-relieving properties, it is widely purchased and developed. Numerous patients of this strain have said that smoking further develops their bodies and gets out any muscle inconvenience. Many of these levels of pain, whether brought on by a strenuous session or by the accumulation of tension in the body, will undoubtedly be eliminated by CB Dutch Treat. Additionally, it is a joyful strain that is energetic. Patients are less likely to experience stress, anxiety, or PTSD symptoms as a result of this. People who are also tired may experience a quick boost of energy from this pressure; The mind is calmed by CB Dutch Treat without psychedelic or euphoric effects. Consequently, it is ideal for migraine treatment without causing severe side effects.

Strain Aroma

The flavor and aroma of the CB Dutch Treat marijuana strain may include some intriguing notes. The aroma of this strain includes notes of blueberry, fruit, wood, and sweetness. The flavors are also strikingly similar, featuring a distinct blend of earthy, fruity, woody, delicate, oak, and earthy notes.

Strain Flavor

The CB Dutch Treat Feminized strain is a Sativa-predominant cross of Amnesia Cloudiness and Azura Murkiness. This piney and hot flavor strain is generally utilized in medication. Before experiencing pain-relieving relaxation, customers will experience psychedelic euphoria.

Strain Appearance

The cannabis plant used in CB Dutch Treat has a sturdy structure that can support the hefty, compact buds it produces. The CB Dutch Treat strain of marijuana blooms in nine to ten weeks on average. The plant has thin, slender leaves covering its stem. The nugs of this strain are pale green and have purple lines running through them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precisely is CBD, and how can it work?

– It has been demonstrated that the chemical cannabidiol (CBD) has a wide range of uses, including helping people with epilepsy sleep better and eating more. Medical marijuana strains have a different chemical composition than recreational marijuana strains.

What precisely is CBCB Dutch Treat?

-The feminized medical marijuana strain known as CB Dutch Treat has the highest ratio of CBD to THC that we have available. A potent medicinal strain whose genetics are largely Sativa-dominant and come from Azura and Amnesia Haze.

Which strain of marijuana has the highest ratio of CBD to THC?

-The feminized medical marijuana strain known as CB Dutch Treat has the highest ratio of CBD to THC that we have available. A potent medicinal strain whose genetics are largely Sativa-dominant and come from Azura and Amnesia Haze. Suitable for both novice and experienced growers, this is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor planting.


27 reviews for CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for 420Farmer


    This will be my first grow of DT , 10/10 seeds germinated. Again, quality service and reliable product. Very interested to see how these grow.

  2. Avatar for C Cunningham

    C Cunningham

    I purchase 5 seeds four of which grew nicely. I used a greenhouse and some outside time when the weather was ok. The total yield was 500 gms after drying but i did not trim the buds very closely. Analysis using high pressure liquid chromatography was 8 % cbd 4% thc. The trim went for coconut butter rub. The bud is curing and i am told its quite nice. im not much of a user myself. Very happy with my purchase!

  3. Avatar for Old Man Indica

    Old Man Indica

    I’m now into week 3 of flower on my CB Dutch Treat. I only grow 2 plants at a time..but they’ve gotten massive and have out grown my 3×3 tent. I’m now growing them out on the floor with some reflective emergency blankets draped on either side of the plants. I’m used to smaller,compact indica plants.. now i have 2 sativa trees in my grow room! I’m only using 2 300watt led grow lights, but it seems to be plenty of light for them. Loaded down with buds and looking amazing.. I can’t wait to make edibles out of them. What a rewarding hobby!

  4. Avatar for Ernest


    Ordered my seeds out of the depot in BC as an online order from CK. The 5 CBD Dutch Treat arrived under the 2 weeks time frame. Germinated 2 herbs and they just finished two weeks ago. Curing nicely and the flavor is coming around. A nice strain for relax or small chores in the garden. The 2 herbs grew average during veg with nice mid width leaves and as much as 11 fingers on the large fans. The budds turned out okay for having 300 LED watts each…not dense but not fluffy either. Flushing 3 weeks before trimming brings a smoke that’s smooth with earthy flavor and has a nice white ash. The frost covered the budds and leaves with average density and was true to it’s 9-10 week budding estimate. The budding box remained at a constant 30-40% humidity, the temp was from 15 deg Cel during it’s daytime off period and up to a max of 24 deg Cel during it’s lights on time at night. The 2 herbs mostly cured now produced 1.25 oz each under my growing conditions. More lighting will produce more product and denser budds…as will vegging this herb for 6 weeks instead of the 3 weeks I did. This product was worth the bucks and the grow. It’s a great daytime calm for the anxiety. Nice job CK.

  5. Avatar for George


    I got an ounce out of my plant. It smells amazing. Dutch treat is my favourite.

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