CBD Candyland Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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CBD Candyland Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa cannabis strain with high CBD at 7 percent and up to 7 percent THC content. It is a creative, energetic, happy, focused, relaxing, and talkative strain that will help ease conditions like anxiety, stress, seizures, inflammation, fatigue, and depression. You will also love its citrus, spicy, earthy, and sweet flavors.

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More About CBD Candyland (1:1)

Great Cannabis Strain with Heavy Buds

CBD Candyland has a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio. It grows very tall, and it’s easy to grow, perfect for both experts and beginners. It has heavy buds that will need support when the flowering period arrives with a flowering time that takes about eight to nine weeks with at least fourteen ounces per square meter of produce. In the outdoors, it needs warmth and sunlight. Optimal results will help the plant yield up to thirty-five ounces per plant. Outdoor harvest is around late September up to October.

As its name implies, you can imagine this cannabis strain as sweet and tasty. The buds appear like they were sprinkled with sugar. With  7% of THC content, this cannabis strain can provide an electrifying high, which is ideal to consume in the morning. Candyland stimulates and boosts creativity you can bring in social gatherings. Also, it helps reduce pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and any other discomforts.

2 reviews for CBD Candyland Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Bailey


    A strong and thick plant that is easy to cultivate indoors. I keep a keen eye on temps and humidity, reaching for about 50% humidity and temps of 20C. Since the foliage is usually thin, rot and mold are rarely a problem. She rewarded me with up to 1kg of bud from each plant after 10 weeks of flowering. First sniff of this fresh berry scent delights me. On the tongue, it’s a little sour. The most fun marijuana I’ve ever smoked! gently lifts my mood and cheers me up in the midst of a dreary afternoon. satisfying and overflowing with positive vibes! It will not disappoint you! Thumbs up

  2. Avatar for Katie


    This plant turned out nicely for a first-time grower like me. One of the best to grow, quite easy and extremely mildew resistant! The 5 seeds grew to be 4 feet tall, with excellent yields more or less 860g per plant. Has plenty of trichomes and sweet buds. Once inhaled, the high is incredible makes me feel joyful and uplifted. Lately, I feel exhausted, but this herb offers me a relaxing sensation from head to toe which helps to relieve discomfort and tension. My nostrils are truly pleased with a whiff of this, creamy vapors with earthy flavor and traces of sweets and citrus touch as you fire up the buds. Give it a shot, it won’t let you down!

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