Yumbolt Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Yumbolt Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant automatic cannabis strain with very high 24 percent THC content. This is why it is very relaxing and calming with potent berry, earthy, pine, and spicy-sweet flavors. This strain is also a powerful medical strain used for pain, stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, and migraines.

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More About Yumbolt Autoflower

Considered as Tasty Night Treat

Growers may also look forward to this Yumbolt auto-flowering strain as it has only a short growing period that it gets from its genotype Ruderalis hybrid. Yumbolt can reach its height up to 80 cm tall and produce yellow and orange color pistols that look like its twisting through every resin that dusts each flora that looks like sugary green foliage.

Each year in places that have higher latitudes, it has a potential of about two growing cannabis crops with a yield as high as 90 grams each plant. In an outdoor growing setup, like most strains, this hybrid also thrives in a Mediterranean-like climate. On the other hand, in indoor setups such as growing rooms or tents, it can yield as much as 90 grams of buds each square meter. It usually takes 63 up to 70 days from seed to harvest.

Having a 24 percent of THC content considered as high as the usual level makes the consumers experience an earthy and woody balanced fragrance with a sweet, pungent taste. It is ideal for taking during the night as it makes a good deep sleep. Yumbolt auto-flower can also be used as medical benefits though it can relieve signs of depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and even the stress feeling.

Yumbolt auto-flowering version is a full Indica strain that usually grows into a medium tall and also has a medium number of yields. Even Yumbolt is considered as an infrequent plant; still, it offers a very sturdy strain that gives every consumer a warm and fuzzy feeling at the back of their eyes that quickly changes into a full-body relaxation feeling.


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