Blue Fruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Fruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with automatic characteristics. It is a small plant growing only 90 cm high but can produce good yields up to 450 grams per square meter indoors. This is a calming, euphoric, happy, relaxing, sedating, and uplifting strain with delicious berry and vanilla flavors that you’ll surely enjoy.

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More About Blue Fruit Autoflower 

Must-Have Fruity Cannabis Hybrid

Blue Fruit auto-flower that consists of 12 to 16 percent THC content, is a mostly Indica hybrid that originally produced from the mountains of Oregon in the United States. It has a sweet and fruity flavor like a taste of sweet red berries that gives an intense aftertaste that stays for a long time, making it mostly desired by cannabis consumers. Blue Fruit auto-flower can grow well indoors as well as outdoors.

The Blue Fruit auto-flower can reach for up to 3 meters tall and can thrive even in some small tents. And due to its hard and strong branches, growers may not need to place support during the flowering period. When its leaves are exposed to a colder temperature, it turns into a deep plum. Growing it indoors takes 60 up to 70 days from germination to harvest and can produce a yield as high as 450 grams every square meter. While growing it outdoors, even if it exposes to plenty of suns, it only produces about 100 grams every plant due to its auto-flowering type. Having a small yield can make you increase by cultivating two or more batches.

2 reviews for Blue Fruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Dan S.

    Dan S.

    Buds appears to be pretty good and very resistant to molds and pests. Its snowy trichomes are so beautiful in the eyes. I put some time and effort into growing this, which is not easy to grow but produces a good yield about 380g per plant,after 10 weeks. I feel at peace and enlightened after smoking. Also helps with my back pain. The scent and flavor are very sweet, similar to fruit berries. Relaxation is pure bliss, but also tends to make movement hard, so it’s a good idea to have some snacks beside me before I get high on weed. Thumbs up! 😀

  2. Avatar for Ashton


    Like a sweet dessert that satisfies my tooth while feeling high – sweet berry fragrance and taste, with vanilla flavor that pleases my taste buds. At first smoke, i can feel a mild buzz but after few minutes the high intensely improves my mood to positive vibes and cast away worries, leaves me happy instead. then hunger attacks wanna eat a whole pizza lol this herb is best for nighttime use puts me into deep sleep. Oh dude! by growing her outside with enough sunlight and proper air flow, she grows 3ft tall, not bad at all. During harvest yields 4.1oz/plant. Would absolutely grow this again!

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