Northern Mango Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Northern Mango Strain is an invigorating treat for all sporting and medical pot shoppers. Smoking this strain will take clients to a tropical forest brimming with sweet, citrus fruits. Clients who decide to consume the strain in higher portions will definitely get an all-out couchlock experience. Northern Mango strain is an Indica-prevailing half-breed that conveys extreme unwinding. It is a crossbreed between strong hereditary qualities guardians, the Big Bang Auto, and the Mango strains. The outcome is a delightfully sweet half-breed with a typical THC level that offers a sublime actual high from head to toe. This feminized auto-blossoming strain is accessible just here at Crop King Seeds! We present you only awesome for our dearest clients!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Northern Lights x Mango x Big Bang Auto
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9  Weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 15%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


What is the Northern Mango Strain?

The Northern Mango Auto strain is a quick-blooming Indica-predominant crossbreed among Mango and Enormous detonation Auto. It has a heavenly fruity fragrance with a tropical fruit flavor that delivers a dependable relaxing result that will get its smokers stoned. It additionally delivers an elevating impact that can work on the temperament and increment energy. This plant is widely appealing regarding power, with THC levels of around 15%. The strain, then again, makes a lovely high with enduring impacts. It starts with an intellectually and sincerely inspiring buzz that is at first relaxing but rapidly advances to happiness.

Growing Information on Northern Mango Strain

Developing the Northern Mango Auto strain is not difficult to develop which is extremely advantageous for amateur producers. The design of the plant is very Indica, developing short and thick delivering enormous, thick, and weighty buds. Besides, it develops various branches with numerous bud locales which assist with creating a lot of mass late on in the blooming period. Considering that it is an auto-flowering assortment, it wraps up around just 8-9 weeks. Producers can expect yields of around 200-300G of pitch-covered buds under extraordinary circumstances. Its especially quick development implies that it can be capable of harvest as soon as May.

How to Grow Northern Mango Strain

While developing indoors, Northern Mango seeds work best in the Sea of Green technique. It acquired its Indica qualities by having expansive leaves, so it is important to deal with the development by managing and pruning for even appropriation of supplements from base to top. The plant is more useful when developed in a controlled climate. Following 8-9 weeks, the plant is prepared to give as much as 700 grams for each square meter. Northern Mango weed strains can be developed outdoors also. It flourishes in a space with additional sunlight and natural air. The plant needs a dry and warm environment to forestall the development of plant infections like molds, bugs, and molds. The early garnish of the plant is urged to set aside sufficient room for additional air and sunlight on the lower hubs. For novices, applying these tips for positive results is ideal. The normal gather can go between 60-80 grams for every plant.

Medical Benefits of Northern Mango Strain

Northern Mango marijuana strain has a typical THC level. This strong strain is viewed as one of the ideal strains first of all and veteran smokers the same. The unwinding it gives is unbelievable, ideally suited for those with nervousness, depression, PTSD, and stress, washing away bad considerations. It is additionally remedial for patients with headaches, muscle spasms, joint throbs, and such. Its normal pain relieving and mitigating characteristics can alleviate body throbs, chronic pain, joint inflammation, and minor body pains. Restless people can thank the strain’s full-body unwinding, driving clients into profound and extended periods of time of rest.

Strain Aroma

The Northern Mango Auto strain is a quick blossoming Indica-prevailing among Mango and Bing Bang Auto. It has a delicious fruity smell with a prepared tasting tropical fruit flavor that creates a durable relaxing result that will get its smokers stoned.

Strain Flavor

The flavor is piney, fruity, and citrusy, with a pleasantness and lime taste. The fragrance is likewise sweet and new with a particular naturalness and notes of homegrown and wood. The explosion of its fragrance and flavor profile like newly picked mangoes is enticing and will make clients get for more.

Strain Appearance

Northern Mango has shades of yellow and green; and when it is nearly collection time, you ought to likewise see gigantic buds with shades of red and violet on the leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mango strain?

– The Mango strain is Indica marijuana that doesn’t have overwhelming impacts on serious areas of strength for others. It has a THC level of 15-19% which is very normal in contrast with the scope of its rivals.

What is mango marijuana?

– The Mango marijuana strain has been around since the mid-1960s. In 1991, it was crossed with KC 33 to give us the ongoing Mango strain. Its chunks have been perceived to develop extremely enormous, about the size of a softball, and can depend on walking alongside 1/2 in range.

What does mango pose a flavor like?

– When smoked or changed over into a consumable structure, the kind of Mango strain is best portrayed as Mango, Tropical, and Sweet.

What amount of time does it require for Mango marijuana to blossom?

– In 6 to about two months, you can hope to see the Mango marijuana strain starting to blossom. Known for its exceptional returns, the Mango marijuana strain can deliver 3 to 6 oz per square foot, ideal for outdoor development.


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