LSD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

LSD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a balanced automatic hybrid cannabis strain with high yields. It is very easy to grow as you don’t need a special growing light schedule to stimulate flowering. This strain is just the right size for growing indoors as it’s small and compact. It is also a medical strain that can help ease pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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More About LSD Autoflower

Lenient Cannabis to Grow

Growing this hybrid is very lenient to grow, LSD produces a white resinous crystal-like and has the ability to give a euphoric high. While LSD is on its flowering stage, it emits a pungent smell like paint that combined with a varnish so you are required to install some odor control in your growing area so that the smell cannot escape into your neighborhood.

LSD auto-flower can handle any light changing cycle disruptions. This plant is like a thirsty plant that loves to gulp water, so forget about anything, but don’t ever forget to water this thirsty plant often. LSD auto grows in any given environment, thanks to its Ruderalis genetics. It grows into a medium plant that reaches a height of 70 up to 120 cm tall. After eight weeks of the flowering cycle, you can have a yield of as much as 500 grams of buds each square meter, while 50 to 250 grams of buds each LSD plant when growing outdoors. Once LSD Autoflower is dried and cured, its smell and flavor are like diesel fuel.

LSD auto-flowering version is a sturdy medicinal cannabis strain that is beneficial in both mind and body. Due to its 23% THC content makes every user experience a psychedelic high, with a creative feeling that stays in your body in a couple of hours. While experiencing its effect, you may taste and smell an earthy diesel with a hint of wood that is loved by most cannabis users. Its effect is usually stunning like you’re able to if you smoke passionately. The ideas and thoughts will go over in your mind freely after your few clouds of smoke.


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