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Kush XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Kush XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. This automatic strain has high THC at 17 percent and can produce good yields despite its small 20 to 60 cm height. It is an earthy, sweet, and pine-flavored strain with a relaxing, talkative, creative, and giggly high that you’ll surely love.

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More About Kush XL Autoflower 

Cannabis Blended with Kush and Auto

Consumers who are looking for a chill-out, Kush XL auto-flowering seeds may offer a feature with a sweet and earthy flavor that will leave you happiness, relaxed feeling, and a stress-free condition. The Kush genetics are considered as the most desirable cannabis strain due to their great potent sedative characteristics as well as their ability to invoke meditative brooding. Kush Xl auto is a blending of the OG Kush with the Ruderalis strain.

Growing the Kush XL auto-flowering seeds can thrive either indoor or outdoor, even for those growers that are not experts for growing cannabis. Due to its Ruderalis feature that makes it an auto-flowering version, it has a quick flowering that only takes 55 to 60 days from germination to flowers. It grows into a short-size plant, that yields about up to 400 grams every square meter indoors, while 200 up 300 grams when growing it outdoors. Kush XL can be described as XL-lent quick flowering hybrids that growers can consider it as a profitable one.


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