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OG Kush is an unsurpassed number one among weed amateurs and long-term clients. Not much is been aware of its hereditary qualities or genealogy. Nonetheless, we realize it is famous with MMJ patients and has a consoling and gritty flavor profile. In this way, in the event that you’re seeking a strain that is both simple on the sense of taste and possibly valuable for easing pain, OG Kush merits a shot. This seed has an interesting feminized quality giving a high level of yield and captivating flavor. You can continuously get yours in Crop King Seeds and you can guarantee that you will get the most elite quality.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Chemdawg x Hindu Kush
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.3%
THC Content: 19%-26%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the OG Kush?

OG Kush is perhaps a cross of Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush or Old World Paki Kush. It is an Indica-predominant crossover known for its high THC content and remains particularly famous all through California, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest. OG Kush has a wide reach with regard to its THC content. You can track down renditions of it with any place somewhere in the range of 19% and 26% THC, although 23% is by all accounts normal. In the wake of consuming OG Kush, expect solid rapture and serious cerebral impacts to get comfortable, frequently followed by gentle areas of strength to lock. Keep in mind, OG Kush is viewed as one of the most elevating strains accessible. It furnishes buyers with a brilliant combination of body-liquefying happiness and a quiet, peaceful perspective.

Growing Information on OG Kush

Weed cultivators regularly observe that developing OG Kush is a monetarily gainful ploy. It is viewed as a best-in-class strain in dispensaries. Therefore, you can hope to pay a significant aggregate for an ounce. Be that as it may, developing it indoors creates up to 18 ounces for each square meter, though outdoor-developed OG Kush gives roughly 16-18 ounces for every plant. All things considered, OG Kush can be a particularly provoking crop to develop. Subsequently, it is essential to screen and watches the plant’s developing climate and environment intently. The strain is powerless to a couple of issues, including fine buildup, bugs, parasites, shape, and different diseases. In any case, you can keep your OG Kush crop solid with normal consideration and checking.

How to Grow OG Kush

In the event that you expect to develop OG Kush outdoors, you’ll require an environment like Southern California. Assuming you go down this course, kindly note that your plants ought to be prepared for a gathering by the start of October. Assuming you develop the OG Kush strain indoors, remember that it has an 8-9-week flowering period. In case it wasn’t already obvious, OG Kush answers well to aqua-farming development, despite the fact that you’ll require some weed development experience to get the best out of this strain. Hence, it merits beginning with a more straightforward to-develop option, for example, Blue Dream or Girl Scour Cookies on the off chance that you’re a newbie.

Medical Benefits of OG Kush

MMJ patients now and then go to OG Kush to assist with chronic pain. This strain may likewise demonstrate useful in the event that you have depression, stress, or a sleeping disorder. As to affinity to assist with chronic pain, OG Kush could support the decrease of irritation and give generally speaking help. Besides, recounted reports propose that the impacts of this strain are felt rapidly. It is ideal to consume OG Kush late at night or around evening time when you never again have any significant undertakings to finish. This is on the grounds that you’re probably going to feel so loosened up that you in no way want to move! Maybe for this reason OG Kush is so famous among people with a sleeping disorder.

Strain Aroma

The smell is characterized as fiery and skunky with notes of citrus and fuel. At the point when appropriately restored, the scent would be like that of a hoppy specialty brew, with a pine-like smell. The strong OG Kush Strain has a woodsy, piney, citrusy, and gritty fragrance, and at the same time, it hits in the most dependable and dope way.

Strain Flavor

OG Kush’s flavor can shock even the most bored of self-declared marijuana sweethearts. It offers none-too-inconspicuous undertones of lime, lemon, zest, and weak traces of citrus.

Strain Appearance

OG Kush Strain has an Indica to Sativa proportion of 75:25. With Indica vigorously overwhelming, the strain is bound to have an Indica-like design with firmly packed huge nugs. The buds are covered benevolently by sparkling trichomes which gives them a gleaming white appearance and tacky nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OG Kush a precarious strain to develop?

– OG Kush is an interesting strain to develop, so it’s probably not the ideal decision for a newbie cultivator. It normally does best filled indoors in a profoundly controlled climate. Assuming that it’s raised right, you can expect a genuinely decent yield of lovely buds that look nearly neon green when they’re done.

Is OG Kush an indica or sativa?

– OG Kush, otherwise called ” OGK,” is a slightly sativa prevailing half and-half strain (55% sativa/45% indica) with obscure parentage because of raiser mystery, in spite of the fact that it is believed to be a cross of the notorious Chemdawg X Hindu Kush strains.

What amount does OG Kush cost?

– OG Kush is perhaps the most costly burden available, coming to up to $30 for a gram. It is so famous in the US that it has become inseparable from a solid high, raising its cost through the vocal help of numerous artists, rappers, Hollywood characters, and, surprisingly, recuperating competitors.



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