OG Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

OG Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant automatic cannabis strain with very high THC at 24 percent. It is a very relaxing and calming strain that flowers very late at 10 to 12 weeks. You’ll get fat and dense buds with citrus, diesel, lemon, sweet, and pungent flavors you’ll surely admire.

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More About OG Kush Autoflower

Best Cannabis with a Quick Growing Period

The OG Kush Autoflower is one of the best cannabis strains in the market today. Most people tend to have this as it has many beneficial uses. You may use it in both medical and mostly recreational. Consumers do love this strain that it provides a perfect effect that is excellent to go out with your friend or even your partner because of its 17 to 21% THC content. It gives an earthy, compact flavor that will entice you to smoke for more. Beginners may also find this as easy to grow strain due to its high resilience in any given environment.

OG Kush auto flower does not depend on growing on a light cycle that you may provide. Instead, OG Kush has a quick growth rate. Growing it indoors is an ideal choice where it grows sturdy with plenty of light foliage. OG Kush should be ready to harvest within 6 to 8 weeks after its germinating period. This strain is a little bits delicate in its nutrients, so just make sure that you may not copy overboard it during its flowering stage. This plant can reward you at least 400 grams of great buds each square meter. Given this plant, its usual needs upon its growing period its flower will surely give is the best potential.

Growing this strain outdoors may also take 70 days to grow, but if you want its best quality, then you should wait for another week. Also, it requires a preventive measure because OG Kush auto, as mentioned earlier, is a bit delicate and susceptible in some insects in order to harvest such an excellent golden bud of the hybrid with a great effect. After such a germinating period, you may harvest as much as 50 to 170 grams of each plant.


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