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Hippie Crippler Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Hippie Crippler is a Sativa-prevailing strain that crosses two powerful strains, AK-47 and Blue Satellite. Contingent upon your awareness and portion, you’ll partake in the creative mind lifts, giggling, and stress help that this strain gives. Hippie Crippler is a phenomenal strain for help with discomfort, queasiness of the executives, cramp alleviation, and other psychological well-being issues. Attempt this strain in the event that you have devastating problems yet need to overcome a bustling day at work or need to get some activity outside. By using this strain, you can partake in your days regardless of whether it is somewhat screwed up. This kind of feminized strain is appropriate for individuals who need to have a minimal high. You can have this strain be requested exclusively here at Crop King Seeds!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: AK-47 x Blue Satellite
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.23%-0.58%
THC Content: 15%-22%
Growing Difficulty: Easy to moderate


What is the Hippie Crippler Strain?

Hippie Crippler is an even half-breed that trains in on one of its greatest customary fanbases – however you don’t need to be radical to be staggered by the power of this bud’s misshaped, hallucinogenic energy. Hippie Crippler is a cross between the well-known half-and-half AK-47 and fruity Sativa Blue Satellite. Albeit this strain’s moist, crazy fragrance is a mixed bag for some, it merits examining for its enduring, spacey high. Its THC levels have been estimated at somewhere in the range of 15% and 22%. It is a split second that influences your framework and causes you to feel vigorous and euphoric. It likewise helps you center and be more innovative, so you can finish your positions effectively in the wake of smoking Flower Hippie Crippler.

Growing Information on Hippie Crippler Strain

On the off chance that you’re developing this type of marijuana strain outdoors, remember that the plants will truly do best in a dry, gentle climate with low moistness. It’s additionally important to keep this weed strain away from any disliking neighbors, as the smell it produces is stinky and impactful. Hippie Crippler Strain is considered feminized, therefore problems in gender are eradicated already. The blossoming time of Hippie Crippler is generally brief, requiring only 7-8 weeks overall. Gathering time for outside development is toward the finish of October, and yields can be astounding assuming that the harvests are developed securely. Indoor yields are normally 400-550 grams for each square meter, with outside yields of 500 grams for every plant. By and large, the Hippie Crippler can be a fulfilling and appealing expansion to anybody’s weed garden, as it delivers some gorgeous, super-powerful nugs.

How to Grow Hippie Crippler Strain

Without any seeds monetarily accessible, home cultivators should depend on a trusted, solid source to get clippings from sound, mature plants of the strain; these clippings can be developed as hereditarily indistinguishable “clones.” In spite of the fact that there is little data promptly accessible on best development rehearses well defined for this strain, we realize that it tends to be developed inside or outside in semi-sticky, Mediterranean-like environments. Hippie Crippler’s Indica-like attributes propose short plants that can be effortlessly cultivated inside. Its obvious indica qualities likewise infer a moderately short blooming time.

Medical Benefits of Hippie Crippler Strain

This strain might have a few applications for clinical pot patients too. Its soothing body stone can be a viable method for helping with discomfort, in both impermanent and constant circumstances. The bud’s calming properties can likewise deal with ordinary disturbances like cerebral pains and queasiness. Since it can dull the stressors of the rest of the world, this strain may likewise briefly remove the edge from certain instances of pressure, gloom, and tension. Since it isn’t typically connected with serious, cerebral reasoning or suspicion, this strain might be a decent decision for clients who are inclined to frenzy or who have a low THC resistance.

Strain Aroma

Hippie Crippler’s smell is traditionally damp, further solidifying the strain’s association with flower child culture. These blossoms have a harsh, natural aroma when sufficiently restored, like damp soil blended in with matured fertilizer.

Strain Flavor

Smoking the Hippie Crippler strain is charming since it tastes unmistakable and is a mix of sweet pine and other gritty smells.

Strain Appearance

Hippie Crippler’s blossoms are little to medium in size and grip together in minimal, popcorn-like groups, in this way they don’t have the most striking appearance. The leaves are a light shade of spring green and stacked with furry earthy colored pistils, and the buds have a thick, Indica-regular construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is radical Crippler weed?

– Hippie Crippler weed strain is prescribed to smokers, everything being equal. In any case, fledgling clients ought to be all the more likely, to begin with, microdoses to stay away from conceivable secondary effects: neurosis, unsteadiness, and cerebral pain.

What does radical Crippler possess a flavor like?

– It is made by crossing Blue Satellite with AK-47. It seems to be a verdant greenery and has a dull, dark green tone. Hippie Crippler has an exceptionally impressive taste, which is a combination of sweet pine and other gritty flavors that make it a charming strain to smoke

Is radical Crippler strain great for rest?

– As the high wears on or as the measurement are expanded, couchlock turns out to be progressively possible, as does unexpected rest. Hippie Crippler is an incredible strain for social use, yet can likewise help loosen up alone in the wake of a monotonous day or seven-day stretch of work.

What amount of time does it require for radical Crippler seeds to bloom?

– Buyers likewise find the strain accommodating with a lack of ability to concentrate consistently jumble. To attempt to develop this strain you can find Radical Crippler seeds in web-based stores or on our site. The blooming time is normal and requires something like nine weeks.


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