Guava Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Guava Kush is a cross of Guava and OG Kush. THC levels are apparently very high in no less than one openly accessible test. In any case, there is basically no CBD in Guava Kush, and settling on it is a not great decision for treating seizures or different circumstances that answer CBD. Found solely in Los Angeles and Oregon, this strain merits an attempt, if by some stroke of good luck for gloating privileges. This strain may be trying to smoke for amateurs however with an appropriate direction given by our page, one can truly partake in this feminized strain. Make certain to reach us at Crop King Seeds so you to have your best seeds conveyed to your doorsteps!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: OG Kush x Guava
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
CBD Content: 1%
THC Content: 21%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the Guava Kush?

Guava Kush is a to some degree new strain, appearing at some point between 2010-2014. Data about this strain that is accessible online is inadequate, temperamental, and frequently on the furthest edges of the range. Fortunately, basically, every source concurs that this Sativa-predominant mixture strain contended in the 2014 LA Weed Cup where it didn’t put. Sadly, the first raiser and the genuine hereditary qualities behind this strain stay a secret today. In the wake of enduring a shot of this bud, anticipate that your body should begin shivering and humming as help and unwinding spread all through your appendages because of its shocking THC content of 21%. This actual unwinding is combined with an unmistakable, smooth, moderate cerebral high that frequently rouses the imagination of its clients. While loosening up your actual throbbing painfulness, Guava Kush gives a lift in imaginative energy that will make them articulate your thoughts any way you see fit.

Growing Information on Guava Kush

Guava Kush saves a typical proportion of work to completely finish creating and makes a decently liberal yield when kept in a magnificent and brilliant creating condition. This strain is impenetrable to ordinary sicknesses similar to development and molds. Guava Kush develops well inside or outside. This outstanding strain is characterized as feminized. Feed your plants with supplements suitable for their formative stage. Make a point to water just when the dirt is dry and high and not when the dirt is clammy or wet, to forestall form development and improvement.

How to Grow Guava Kush

Pot seeds from the Guava Kush strain might thrive in both indoor and outside conditions within 8-9 weeks. While developing this strain you should keep up with the temperature somewhere in the range of 20 and 22 degrees Celsius and the mugginess at 60% or less. To control the Guava Kush strain’s level and advance a more even development to preserve vertical space, utilize the SOG technique.

Medical Benefits of Guava Kush

This cannabis strain is a famous decision for treating some state of mind problems and bipolar sicknesses on the grounds that to the resulting mental excitement. Guava Kush’s elevating contemplations help to reduce the side effects of persistent uneasiness, fits of anxiety, mental strain, stress, and trouble. You experience an extraordinarily light and unobtrusive high that doesn’t impede your body’s normal cycles at its level. Because of this, Guava Kush is an incredible choice for clinical weed clients who need milder strains. Patients who utilize this Indica-predominant strain report feeling loose and eased after a profoundly pleasurable muscle treatment meeting that frees gentle cases from torment and body inconvenience. Quality will be powerful in dealing with diseases like different sclerosis, devastating constant torment, body enlargement, firmness in the joints, headaches, and less extreme body throbs.

Strain Aroma

Fragrances of citrus and lavender are delivered. Similar notes are available however more grounded once the smoke contacts the taste buds. A gritty delayed flavor impression endures on breathing out. Tropical natural products are likewise capably odorized by this, which is somewhat recognizable.

Strain Flavor

The kinds of Guava Kush are sweet, hearty, pine, rich, synthetic, citrus, skunky, and tropical. Guava Kush has various valuable results that have made it an especially renowned strain, and apparently, the creation of you such as yourself and everything around you is its standard need.

Strain Appearance

The Guava Kush Strain forms into a transcending tree with long purple and green leaves, golden-hued hairs, and dark green nugs tidied with sweet pitch. These perfect buds will change from one quick hit to different green shades. With shades of olive green, forest green, and kelly green, this bud is a visual gala.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guava strain really great for?

– Certain individuals have accounted for a warm or shivering vibe that might go through the body and prompt unwinding. This strain has been utilized to alleviate persistent agony and restlessness, as indicated by a portion of its allies. Others could nod off as the happiness blurred off.

What are the impacts of Guava Kush?

– Besides its cerebral impacts, Guava Kush likewise offers areas of strength for a high that can leave clients feeling loose and calm. This makes it an extraordinary choice for those hoping to ease pressure, tension, and agony. The flavor and fragrance of Guava Kush are likewise critical, with notes of tropical foods grown from the ground heartiness.

Is Guava Kush sativa or Indica?

– Guava Kush is a heavenly tropical color that flourishes inside, blooms in about two months, and develops to a discreet level like other Kush strains. In spite of having a high return, this Sativa-prevailing strain has a wide, ragged shape and minimal stretch.



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