Dutch Treat Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Treat is a marijuana strain that was created by combining Haze and Northern Lights. This strain has cerebral effects that make you feel uplifted and happy while also calming the mind and reducing stress. Dutch Treat is the medicine that medical marijuana patients use to get rid of PMS, fatigue, and pain. This variety is popular in Amsterdam’s coffee shops and is a cultural institution. Crop King Seeds stocks this variety of seeds which is certainly feminized and can be purchased online or with a single tap on your smartphone or any device! Why are you still waiting? Order now!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Northern Lights x Haze
Dominant: 55% Indica 45% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
CBD Content: 0.20%
THC Content: 10-15%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is the Dutch Treat Strain?

With a 20:80 ratio of Sativa to indica, Dutch Treat is a staple in Amsterdam. It is a hybrid that is Indica-dominant. The strain’s limited Sativa genetics result in a near-instantaneous high and a body high that is not quite couchlock-like. Dutch Treat has THC levels ranging from 18 to 25 percent, making it potent but not particularly aggressive. The body high is deeply relaxed, while the head high is extremely euphoric and upbeat. Dutch Treat functions admirably on tension and agony, and it’s likewise useful with a sleeping disorder. Dutch Treat is a fun and effective treatment for mental and physical suffering due to its diverse but reputable heritage. This strain, which is a heavy indica, can be difficult to come by, but it is common enough in places where marijuana is legal.

Growing Information on Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat marijuana seeds are ideal for novice cannabis gardeners because they are one of the easiest to grow. They prefer hydroponics in an indoor setting. Despite their diminutive stature and brief flowering period, they are still well worth the time and effort. Despite this, they do not produce the highest yields. The Dutch Treat Strain marijuana seeds produce dense, sticky flowers with an enticing aroma that fills the space. You might feel a strong desire for dessert before you even take a bite. Strains bloom for 8 to 10 weeks and have a bushy growth habit. When growing indoors, growers can expect between 300 and 550 grams per square meter, while when growing outdoors, they can expect between 100 and 250 grams per plant.

How to Grow Dutch Treat Strain

To keep your plants growing tall, use a training method like the Sea of Green (SOG). This method will not only boost your yields but also make the most of your indoor growing space. For your weed crops to thrive, keep the temperature indoors between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep an eye on the humidity. During the vegetative phase, maintain a light cycle of 18/6 and change it to 12/12 to encourage flowering. The Dutch weed variety yields more inside than outside. Every harvest should yield 12 ounces/m2 under ideal conditions.

Strain Aroma

The Dutch Treat Strain has stable genetics and a distinct terpene profile in common. Its buds have a fruity, floral, skunky, and floral aroma. Additionally, it emits a potent citrus scent that makes smoking a little bit more difficult.

Strain Flavor

The Dutch Treat has stunning green nugs and grows short and stout. This strain nearly looks ‘coated,’ and when the pistils start to become orange, it is a tasteful joy.

Strain Appearance

This strain tastes as fruity as it scents, and ‘mouth-watering’ is a well-suited portrayal. Additionally, there are hints of pine and sweet earth. At last, Dutch Treat will leave a charming woody and sweet lingering flavor on the sense of taste of the customer. Dutch Treat Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dutch treat an indica or Sativa variety?

– Despite looking more like a Sativa, Dutch Treat has an 80/20 indica/Sativa ratio. The majority of buds are velvety, sticky, and dark green in shape. Despite some overtones of sweet fruit, these buds have a scent that is best described as earthy.

Is Dutch Treat an indica or Sativa plant?

– Despite its appearance being more Sativa-like, Dutch Treat has an indica/Sativa ratio of 80/20. The majority of buds are velvety, sticky, and dark green in shape. Despite some overtones of sweet fruit, these buds have a scent that is best described as earthy.

Is Dutch Treat an excellent variety?

– Dutch Treat is a delightful strain for unwinding, but not necessarily for socializing or working; Due to its indica characteristics, it is most effective when used at night or in the evening. Due to its concentration of CBD, Dutch Treat is beneficial for treating chronic pain disorders and digestion.



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