Cactus Breath Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

When you open your package of Cactus Breath Strain, you’ll be greeted by a strong skunky smell with overtones of garlic and herbs. Although not everyone finds the scent and flavor to be very attractive, the consequences are what keep customers coming back for more. You can buy Cactus Breath Strain Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds with confidence that they will be of the best quality and always available for you to enjoy.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Cactus x Mendo Breath
Dominant: Hybrid 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.00-1.00%
THC Content: 17-21%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Cactus Breath Strain?

A strong cross between the traditional CactusMendo Breath strains produced the evenly balanced hybrid strain known as Cactus Breath Strain, which is composed of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Cactus Breath Strain provides a powerful hitting high owing to a high 17-21% THC dosage, making it the ideal mix for any patient who just wants to sit back in mind-numbing nothingness. From beginning to end, you’ll experience intense relaxation and a lifted mood that leaves your body feeling as light as air and fills your mind with a relaxing sense of bliss. There is a hefty undertone to this bliss, leaving you groggy and carefree despite it.

You’ll quickly find yourself confined to the sofa and utterly sedated, despite the lightness in your limbs. In this condition, you won’t exactly fall asleep, but rather, you’ll feel entirely at ease, relatively out of it, and pain-free both mentally and physically. These results make Cactus Breath Strain an excellent remedy for migraines, chronic tiredness, depression, and chronic stress. The effects of Cactus Breath Strain might be hard to understand at first, much like its flavor and aroma. Beware of the indica comedown since the strain’s indica genetics don’t seem to stand up with the first sativa surge of excitement and vigor, which is accompanied with goofy grins and a lack of focus. The hybrid high is fantastic for stress, eating, sleeping, and creative lulls as well as acute boredom.

Growing Information of Cactus Breath Strain

Cactus Breath Strain is a Mendo Breath F2 hybrid with a predominance of indica. Due to its indica ancestry, it produces medium-sized plants with wide leaves. The usual flowering period for Cactus Breath Strain is between 56 and 70 days inside and between the end of September and the middle of October outdoors. In the best circumstances, it is known to provide significant yields.

How to Grow Cactus Breath Strain

No matter if they are grown indoors or outside, cacti flourish well. It produces compact, pink and orange haired buds. It also includes a fair number of dazzling resins. The plant should flower for at least 8 weeks. It is advisable to let it grow stronger so that it is ready for a bigger harvest. Not that much is produced. It doesn’t, in reality, which is why every ounce matters. Growers are better off employing hydroponics and the Sea of Green training method to increase their productivity. Each square meter should yield 4 to 8 ounces of buds at harvest. Contrary to its namesake, the Cactus Breath strain does well in a warm environment with lots of sunshine but also with lots of shade. Each plant will probably yield around 8 ounces of buds during blooming, which typically takes place during the first week of October.

Strain Aroma

Cactus Breath Strain has a heavily pungent and earthy scent.

Strain Flavor

– This strain tastes like skunky and tart.

Strain Appearance

– Large, heart-shaped forest green nugs with fuzzy amber hairs and minute white crystal trichomes are present on Cactus Breath Strain buds.


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