Bubblegum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Bubblegum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a high THC, automatic cannabis strain. It is a small strain only 90 cm but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter of yield. This is a creative, euphoric, happy, relaxing and sedating strain with berry and sweet flavors that you’ll surely love to taste over and over again.

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More About Bubblegum Autoflower 

Candy Store Auto Cannabis Treat

The Bubblegum Autoflower is a genotype of the Ruderals and Original Bubblegum strain. Containing about 17 to 21 percent of THC, you can expect that this will hit you right off and send you into relaxation mode. Bubblegum autoflower is pure of Sativa genes and is easy to grow – a perfect choice for newbies and pros.

The plant also offers a high yield when grown in the best conditions, so expect the effort and wait to be worth it. To keep indoor growing, it is advised to use the Sea of Green and Screen of Green Techniques to help produce an abundant yield for harvest. Make sure that the room has just about the right amount of warmth and that the plant has a source of light.

This average size plant actually reaches about 70 to 90 centimeters high; therefore, you will not need a room too spacious but wide enough for it to get enough air circulation. Bubblegum takes about eleven weeks to grow, from germination to its flowering period. The outdoor environment should be warm and sunny. Upon harvest, indoor growers can expect at least 350 grams of yield per square meter, while outside buds can be as much as 150 grams for each plant.

2 reviews for Bubblegum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for A. Hurlbut

    A. Hurlbut

    Pop pop pop! Indoor growth is easy, but you must keep moisture down. Rot and mold are common problems. So I keep that in mind and end up knee-deep in lovely, tasty, and crystallized cannabis. I didn’t even do special thinning, I just make sure there’s enough air and space. Each plant yielded about 400g of buds. When I was hungover from a late night of drinking, I smoked it and did help with my nausea and headaches LOL all in all, a great smoke! smell is like bubblegum, and taste kind of earthy sweet. Excellent strain!!

  2. Avatar for Bellinger


    A good buy! bubblegum tempt me for more puff that make my body drop and relax. makes me productive when smoke at daytime i’m really happy. It’s a smooth smoke that wiped out fears and help me to overcome anxiety. They look beautiful in my backyard, harvested great thick buds in 10 weeks time. For outdoor growth,just ensure she can receive enough sunlight. This tasty stuff has a flavor and aroma of sweet fruity berry. I loved this site, such a treat!

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