Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds is a classic cannabis strain, an all-indica that’s known for being easy to grow. This is a very short plant, only 60 cm tall, up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 450 grams per square meter indoors. This is a euphoric, hungry, happy, and relaxing strain with flowery, pungent, spicy, and sweet flavors.

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More About Afghani Regular

One of the strongest strains in the market is the Afghani strain, a stunning landrace strain, a pure indica that will take you to a blissful state of mind in no time. Our Afghani Regular Strain is strong and completely relaxing. Its a very powerful sedating effect is perfect for people looking for insomnia relief. 

Afghani Regular offers more than what an average indica can give. It is a very potent nighttime strain that will help you catch up with physical and mental fatigue, so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready the next day. This pure indica also popular for its ability to curb many types of medical conditions, including anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, chronic pains, and lack of appetite. Take a higher dose, and you’ll be glued to your couch for hours!

When it comes to growing, Afghani Regular strains are suitable for the first time and for experienced growers. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors because it’s a versatile strain. It can work well on all kinds of climates, which is one of its advantages over other strains. It’s also a forgiving strain and can easily recover from overwatering, under watering, or nutrient problems. 

Because the Afghani is small and compact, it can grow well indoors or as a stealth strain. Cultivate Afghani plants indoors, inside a spare room, or use a grow cabinet or tent, and you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is to work with. When it comes to yields, you can get maximum yields despite very little effort with this strain. 

You can harvest as much as 500 grams of yield per plant indoors and 300 grams per plant outdoors. The buds are dense and large, with delectable tastes reminiscent of exotic fruits and flowers. Afghani regular is a strain that’s great for novice growers because it’s easy to grow. It’s also for expert growers as it can be used for breeding new plants. And if you’re just looking for a strain with potent effects for recreation or relaxation or a medical strain for pain, Afghani Regular may be the one you’re searching for.  


37 reviews for Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mike J.

    Mike J.

    I ordered the Afghan strain – got 5 seeds – managed to get all of them to germinate. Although I started the process quite late (Planted in soil by end of June), I moved the plants outdoors July 23rd, and they are now (Spet.4th) standing over 4 feet tall, extremely bushy and lush. They all seem to be females, although they haven’t officially started to bud yet. Still another few weeks until 12/12 light cycle. Awesome strain, great seeds… so far

  2. Avatar for Stoney Smurf

    Stoney Smurf

    I got 5 seeds all were female i was Stoked great looking plants so healthy n buds smell of exotic fruits 6 weeks into flower 100 % organic will report back on final i hope it tastes good n has a good BUZZ

  3. Avatar for Cwingman


    Just harvested 2 outdoor colorado monsters. After drying yielded just over 11lbs between the two. The green crack is looking to produce similar yields along with the blue berry that may top the scales with even more weight. Great seeds. Very pleased with this years garden.

  4. Avatar for Stoney Smurf

    Stoney Smurf

    Finally the wait is over,Harvest time. I managed to Reap 4 ounces off the biggest plant. The smoke is Heavy Duty,everything I was expecting,with a full body flavour of Afghanistan and hints of fine fruits. Good smoke for dat hardcore smoke. I highly recommend this strain for the begginers as well , its a tough,disease resistant plant, a pleasure to grow. I finished them on brown sugar n water last 10 days ,(Buds blow up) thank you Cropking

  5. Avatar for The Germinator

    The Germinator

    So potent and relaxing. I pollinated some blueberries with a male and made some afghan x blueberry seeds … I’ll be back the Germinator

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