Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica –dominant cannabis strain with high CBD at 3.50 percent and low THC at 12 percent. It is an easy strain to grow as it can grow almost anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is an early flowering strain at just 8 weeks and will produce relaxing, calming, and euphoric buds.

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More About Hash Plant Feminized

Hash Plant Feminized is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain with an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa lineage. It will provide a sedating effect that’s perfect for patients suffering from conditions like insomnia, arthritis, and headaches. Hash Plant is so-called because it is loaded with delicious resin, perfect for making all kinds of cannabis concoctions.

Hash Plant Feminized strain is mostly Indica and thus will deliver a very potent and lasting effect. If you are looking for maximum power, it is the best strain to help you with your medicinal needs. It contains amazing amounts of potent THC, which is enough to incapacitate you in an instant. Both novice consumers and regular users love the pungent effects of the potent Hash Plant.

It can help with pain as it stops chronic and mild pain with no dangerous side effects. You can take this strain with ease at any time of the day, but it’s best to consume this before sleeping as a blissful nighttime smoke. Consume this once, and we guarantee you’ll be craving for it again and again.

Hash Plant is created in the Netherlands, and it has received recognition for its strong effects. The best thing about it is its versatile and can grow in almost all growing environments. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, in soil, or hydroponics. It will bloom quickly in just 8 weeks. If you get lucky, you can even grow this strain all year round, twice or thrice a year.

THC levels for Hash Plant are low to moderate at around 12%; however, the most striking is its CBD content at 3.5%. When all its growing needs are considered, you can get great yields. You can harvest as much as 300 grams of usable yield when you cultivate this indoors, but if you decide to grow this outdoors, you can guarantee as much as 150 grams of yield per plant.

Hash Plant Feminized will also make sure that you’ll only grow female plants. Forget about worrying about accidental pollination and rouge males because your growing area will have all females, no males or hermaphrodites.

20 reviews for Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mike


    I’m just going into week 8 of 12/12 and she looks great 32in high 36in wide big heavy buds everywhere ,orange hairs are appearing faster.this is a easy grow for a first timer (wish I started years ago)

  2. Avatar for Sudsman1964


    This strain is one of the best a fast grower .huge harvest .the clones from the mother plant started so fast the clone plants are twice the size ive never seen clones start so fast .love the flaver ill be ceeping this strain on the top of the list lm a stage 3 cancer serviver and between the apatite it gives and the restfull sleep this is grate for my meds

  3. Avatar for Johnny Bryant

    Johnny Bryant

    This thing had the largest leaves of the tent. Hash Plant created massive white haired buds which eventually turned orange, and I mean orange! The main cola is the best I’ve grown in my entire history. Smokes real nice and gives a nice buzz. A very very good strain!

  4. Avatar for Chris Gonzales

    Chris Gonzales

    A near disaster turned into a master plant! Everything went well for Hash Plant up until weeks 10-12 when it was stricken with a nutrient imbalance. Other than imbalance, no issues growing. Hard to describe taste. As it cures it does taste like hash, but there is also a strong sweet overtone. The heavy hitter result is most important. That’s what I am looking for!

  5. Avatar for Randy Guchi

    Randy Guchi

    I have no issues in growing. The smell is sort of just musty/sweet. The taste is earthy/musty/pungent and the dried buds really smell so good. The effects are HEAVY indica as the Hash Plant is strong. Head gets heavy, body relaxes, really heavy head, red eyes, sleepy, etc. Do not consume before something important or where you need to be alert, mega couch lock! If you want strong indica and devastating couch lock, which I do, then Crop King Seeds Hash Plant is the strain for you. I enjoyed my experience!

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