White Dwarf Feminized Marijuana Seeds

White Dwarf Feminized Strain is an Indica-dominant that produces a strong and calming high that is best used during the night. With a genetic ratio of 25% Sativa and 75% Indica, this cannabis strain can relieve various health issues. Its THC content of 15% is sufficient to bring out its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, making it ideal for treating chronic pain. White Dwarf Feminized Strain results from a cross between an unknown Indica, Lowryder Ruderalis, and White Ryder strain, which gives it an autoflowering trait. For quite some time, this cannabis strain is admired by both medical and recreational consumers.

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White Dwarf Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Unknown Indica x Lowryder Ruderalis x White Ryder
Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Dry, Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 400-600 grams/m2 (Indoors) 40 grams/plant (Outdoors)
Flavors: Spicy, Sweet, Earthy, Woody, Citrus
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Short
Harvest Period: August
Growing Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

What are the Flavors and Taste of White Dwarf Feminized Strain?

The taste of this strain is very delightful and natural, much like its aroma. White Dwarf Feminized Strain has a woody and heavy citrus flavor mixed well with an earthy base taste. As the smoke wears out, sweet berry notes remain, leaving a sweet sugary aftertaste. White Dwarf Feminized Strain has an extreme cerebral stimulus coupled with a strong sedative body high, making it ideal for late-afternoon and evening consumption. The experience will begin with a heavy head high rush that can make its users feel euphoric as their mood improves. Unique pleasure is induced as a result of this mood enhancement, which results in an uncontrollable giggle. All your worries and negative thoughts will wash away, and an upbeat and optimistic vibe will replace it. Users will be exposed to a soothing high as the cerebral stimulus begins, which will soothe both the body and mind. And it will quickly progress to a sedative body high, making users feel drowsy and heavy-limbed. You can achieve deep tranquility by being relaxed and spacey, indifferent to your surroundings.

What are the Medical Benefits of White Dwarf Feminized Strain?

The powerful physiological properties of this strain are ideal for pain control and treating various ailments such as anxiety and depression. At the same time, the anxiolytic properties of this strain are suitable for reducing stress and fear, allowing users to feel more comfortable and calm instantly. Its potent bodily properties are also ideal for boosting appetite and enhancing sleep. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this cannabis strain can also help treat various physical ailments such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From White Dwarf Feminized Strain

When consuming this weed, it is normal to encounter dry eyes and mouth, as these are side effects of mild dehydration. Cottonmouth could be avoided by drinking plenty of water throughout the session to prevent dehydration. Use some moisturizing eye drops before you start using the strain to keep your eyes moist.

How To Grow White Dwarf Feminized Seeds?

Because of its short stature and fast flowering time, this cannabis strain is ideal for newbie growers. Because of how quickly White Dwarf Feminized flowers, growers will prevent unnecessary issues when growing it as it can finish quickly. Furthermore, since it can flourish in very narrow areas, its small structure helps growers develop discreet or stealth. However, if you’re looking for massive yields, this cannabis strain isn’t for you, but if you consider how potent and heavy the buds she can grow, every gram of its harvest is well worth it!


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