Stardawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Stardawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant all-female strain with high THC at 21 percent. It is a tall strain that can produce good yields. It is an energetic, giggly, euphoric, happy, and talkative strain with diesel, pine, lemon, and sweet flavors you’ll surely enjoy. This is a beginner strain and can be grown in temperate to sunny environments.

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The fusion of Chemdog #4 and Tres Dawg created one very formidable cannabis strain that leans toward its Sativa roots. Its 21% THC volume is enough to push users to the edge and could even let you experience what heaven feels like for several hours. Users should note that several minutes after the first toke, this Sativa leaning plant will begin its hard-hitting effects that manifest initially as a shy mind rush. The rush soon intensifies, and mental clarity is achieved.

This is the time when users will feel energized and creative ideas flood the mind. Artists working on projects are highly advised to smoke this weed for its ability to induce such an effect on the mind. When the effects start to wane, the physical high takes over, and any activity becomes a mere imagination. The sedative properties spread across every end of the body, and rest is attained. This weed can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The feminized seeds are available for purchase to ensure female plants grow and provide yield.


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