Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Kalimist Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant all-female cannabis strain with high yields. It is a tall strain growing from 150 to 300 cm tall and will bloom late at 10 to 12 weeks. This strain is creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing and will produce citrus, earthy, pine, sweet, and spicy flavored buds.

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A Highly Complex Ganja To Grow With Massive Rewards

Cannabis connoisseurs all agree that Kali Mist is a Sativa dominant strain that deserves all the praises and awards that it has racked up in the past few years. Known by many as a powerful tool to release stress from the body, this hybrid is also a very good recreational strain. With its long list of awards, cultivators might find it very daunting to grow this weed in their backyard. Fortunately, this feminized version should make it easier.

Kali Mist distinguishes itself apart from other Sativa strains with its escalating high that boosts one’s character. The uplifted spirit changes one’s mood and allows the user to carry on with the tasks presented to him at work. This daytime weed supplements the body with enough energy to last for the entire day. As medical marijuana, be prepared to gain a lot of weight as this weed is very appetite friendly. Menstrual cramps, muscle pain, back pain, and headaches tend to leave the body once the effects are in full swing.

1 review for Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Tone Dog

    Tone Dog

    I grew this 2 years ago with great luck. Tall and strong with dense buds that tasted great and picked you up and got you going. I really have to get some more!! I loved it!! I had trouble getting seeds to germinate but one plant was enough to hook me.

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