God's Gift Feminized Marijuana Seeds

God’s Gift feminized is a hybris strain that comes from combining OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purps. God’s Gift is an indica dominant marijuana strain with a high THC content level of 20-27% and a CBD content of 1%. It is an award-winning strain and had won at Bio Cannabis Cup in Spain for Best Indica strain in 2015. This marijuana strain has a potent scent that could fill the whole room for a couple of hours. It could be grown indoors and outdoors in just 8-10 weeks and developed into a medium-sized plant. It can also treat some medical problems such as depression, stress, and discomfort.

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God’s Gift Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant, Feminized
Genetics Parents: OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purps
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Sunny/Midetterenean
Yield: 200-300g/m2 Indoor / 200-300g/plant
Flavors: Berry, Sweet, Grape, Citrus, Woody
THC Level: 20-27%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: 3-4ft
Harvest Period: End of September/ mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of God’s Gift Feminized?

God’s Gift is a potent smoke that reminds you of berries and citrus. That’s how the smoke tastes like, with a hint of woodiness and earthiness. Her sweet grapefruit taste can make you want more puff. Due to its elevated THC levels, this marijuana strain is incredibly soothing. Due to its indica dominance, the body buzz from this strain is very potent. . God’s Gift Fem is known for making you feel cheerful excited. It can also cause you to burst out laughing. God’s gift is a stron mood-enhancing strain that you’ll find yourself feeling euphoric. This strain will help you forget about your troubles and relax after a long day.

What are the Medical Benefits of God’s Gift Feminized?

It is a common medical marijuana strain, thanks to its effectiveness in alleviating several health issues. As a result, God’s Gift is a blessing, as many patients and doctors would attest. This strain is excellent at managing depression and inducing a deep relaxation that is difficult to accomplish without prescription medications. With the aid of this potent indica, a range of chronic pain has been relieved. Multiple sclerosis, knee pains, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and other pains or aches have proven to be successfully treated by God’s gift feminized strain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from God’s Gift Feminized

God’s Gift’s high THC levels are partly responsible for several of the strain’s adverse effects. Since the potency has become too evident, particularly at higher doses, this may also trigger dizziness. This marijuana strain may also lead to a paranoid feeling and is sometimes followed by a minor but possibly severe headache. As is typical of indicas, this strain will make you sound like you have cottonmouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow God’s Gift Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

God’s Gift Feminized Marijuana Seeds is every marijuana grower’s dream. It developed dense buds with a dark purple shade. This marijuana is also an easy to grow plant; however, to get the best result from this strain, make sure to provide a fair amount of nutrients and vitamins.

When growing this strain, don’t bother to spray an insecticide as this marijuana plant is mold and pest resistant. And since it is a small plant, you can cultivate this in a small room where you just have enough space for them to grow. God’s Gift grows well in a hydroponics environment, indoors ad also outdoors. The flowering period occurs at the end of 8-9 weeks and can produce up to 200-300g/m2 Indoor.

It also thrives well outdoors in a climate near Southern California in terms of temperature and humidity. The buds are expected to be harvested by mid-October, with an average yield of 200-300g/plant.


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