Exodus Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Exodus Cheese (Fem)

A Revitalizing Creamy Cheesy Strain That Relaxes the Mind and Body

Exodus Cheese might be a peculiar name for a cannabis strain. However, it is one of the most reliable strains to induce proper relaxation. Users should expect high THC content reaching up to 18% with this weed. With its delicious creamy texture and sweet blueberry taste, it is easy to understand why users keep coming back for more.

At the onset of the first toke, the smoke leaves behind a creamy, cheesy aftertaste, and by the time a few more puffs have been made, the gentle mind rush begins to unfold. The senses slowly sharpen, and everything begins to feel clearer than ever. This epiphany is accentuated with a revitalizing flow of energy that invigorates the body. Soon, it will wash away and replaced by a blanket of relaxing warmth. This is the reason why Exodus Cheese is also a highly coveted medical marijuana as it reduces tension and anxiety within the mind and body.

Apart from its beautiful leaves and flowers, this weed needs to grow tall; hence a warm Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunlight should suffice in providing enough reason for the plant to produce around 800 grams of yield.


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