Double Scoop Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If there was one weed worth trying, it would be this rare Double Scoop marijuana strain. An indica dominant strain with still unknown THC content, this sweet and flavorful weed is a product of crossing the dreamy Sherbet and the aromatic Indica Titty Sprinkles. Get ready for a mind-happy and fully sedating high that only Double Scoop ganja can offer!

This weed has the typical indica structure. It has dense buds with dark green to green foliage and nugs. Orange pistils are found all over the plant which gives it a good accent to the total appearance of the weed.

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Double-Scoop (feminized) Strain Specifications

Type: Indica -dominant
Genetics Parents: Sherbet x Titty Sprinkles
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and Dry
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Flavors: Fruity Earthy, Grape, Sweet
THC Level: unknown
CBD Level: low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Double-Scoop (feminized)

This weed offers a great balance of mental and body-calming high. It is not overpowering as many other Indica dominant stans are. What it gives is a pleasurable high that can easily be managed by newbies to the scene. At its onset, a head buzzing euphoria will greet the user as they will feel a mellow upliftment of their spirits. A mood change will be in the offing as users start from being sullen to instant elation! A subtle yet soothing body relaxation will have the users feeling a warm sensation that encompasses the entirety of their body. Those tightly knotted up muscles will start to loosen giving the user a very enjoyable high!

Inheriting its bag appeal to the Sunset Sherbet strain, this weed has a sweet fruity taste. A little mix of damp soil can be detected as the user sniffs on the buds. The same is true when they are lit as the full flavors of grape and honey are now more evident. Adding a twist to its taste is the earthiness that most cannabis hybrids have.

What are the Medical Benefits of Double-Scoop (feminized)?

Being an indica leaning hybrid, psychoactive relaxation can benefit those suffering from pains such as migraines, joint inflammation, and a lot of other pain-related ailments. It can effectively numb the pain as the analgesic qualities of the weed provide relief. For those with mood disorders such as depression and anxieties, the weed’s uplifting and happy-inducing high will allow the users to forget any troubling thoughts that may be the root cause of the depression. It lifts their spirits and provides that happiness inside thus negating any disturbing thoughts.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Double-Scoop (feminized)

The common drying of eyes and cottonmouth are to be expected when using Double-Scoop weed. Simply hydrate with lots of liquids before and after smoking weed will lessen the severity of the dehydration. Putting some moisturizing eye drops will also help in relieving those itchy and dry eyes.

How to Grow Double-Scoop (feminized)

Like most hybrids, the Double Scoop feminized weed strain requires lots of sun, being in a warm environment where it is arid. Thinning of the plant is also needed to maximize the airflow that passes through the plant and let light penetrate deeply within the plant. Regular fertilization and watering should be done to make them happy and thriving. Since they grow dense buds RH must be kept below 50% to prevent any moisture build-up in those fat nugs! Give it a good 8 to 9 weeks and you are ready to harvest an above-average yield!


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