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Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The classic Chocolate Chunk Feminized is a Sativa-heavy hybrid with chocolatey goodness. This strain is bred from the legendary Afghani landrace, another refreshing treat for lovers of sweet strains. This short flowering and chocolate-tasting marijuana carry an average THC content of 20% and 0.4% low CBD level that offers a mellow cerebral high. The strain’s soothing and soporific effect is powerful and will leave anyone a full couch-lock experience.

This irresistible lip-licking cannabis is known to treat a variety of medical conditions, whether psychological or physical. It is another easy-to-grow strain that provides better crop production when indoors but can be grown outdoors too.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Bursting with sweetness, Chocolate Chunk has a complex yet heavenly flavor of sweet caramel and cocoa with musky citrus lying in the background. Your palate will be delighted with its chocolatey syrup cocktail when vaped with strong Kush overtones. The smell is as enticing as the flavor and more of its fragrance when ground up. For connoisseurs who are more into flavor, this cannabis is a must-try.

This heavy-hitting and powerful hybrid will make you feel light-headed with a heavy-bodied finish. Users who can manage the strain’s powers will enjoy the euphoric and relaxing effects with a big smile. Smoking in low to moderate doses will leave users clearheaded, a perfect bud to savor with friends. It delivers a full-blown buzz that targets the body and leaves users in a complete couch-lock state when used excessively.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Although low in CBD, the strain is still known for its therapeutic properties that can aid those with muscle aches, pains, headaches, migraines, back pains, and inflammation, thanks to its relaxing body high that serves as an analgesic agent to mild and severe pains. The calming effects, on the other hand, can manage anxiety and stress. Its sedating effects are proven to help people fighting against insomnia, helping them bring back their usual sleep patterns.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Dehydration is the most common negative effect when smoking marijuana, and Chocolate Chunk is no exception. This effect leads to dry mouth, which is quickly eased with more water. Another known adverse reaction is bloodshot eyes and slight headache at times, especially for newbies.

How to Grow Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Chocolate Chunk Fem can be cultivated easily by any grower. It tends to grow medium in height and blossoms quickly in 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This female with a Christmas tree-like branching does well indoors but still an option for outdoor growing.

When indoors, the plant performs well in the Sea of Green technique. This is an impressive indoor yielder that will fill each branch with rich buds, reaching around 500 grams per meter squared. Its resistance to molds and mildews and its tolerance against wet and cold weather make it an excellent outdoor plant. It is the happiest when exposed to the sun and cultivated in a warm and dry environment for more bud production. Topping and pruning the thick leaves can help with proper air circulation and even light distribution. This baby is ready to reward breeders with 70-140 grams of lip-smacking buds per plant by October.


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