Cheese Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Cheese Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a high THC sativa-dominant cannabis strain. This is a small plant with high yields at just 80 cm tall. It is a creative, energetic, talkative, and relaxing strain with cheese, diesel, lemon, sour, diesel, pungent, and lime flavors. It is a versatile strain as it can grow almost anywhere indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.

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More About Cheese Diesel (fem)

A Funky-Smelling 2 in 1 Strain

Cheese Diesel is the combination of both Cheese and Diesel, which are both renowned strains, each with their very own distinct flavor and aroma. What makes this weed so special is its combination of two strains that boasts cerebral euphoria, pungent smell, delicate flavors, and an addictive body high.

Grown in the great outdoors where it can bask under the sunlight, this weed needs to be exposed to warm weather to avoid building moisture in its lower branches where molds can start to develop. Proper ventilation is also key to avoiding this issue. With its outlandish smell, this weed starts with a mood-boosting high that is perfect for those who want their mind’s stimulated. This unleashes creative ideas and bursts of mental energies that cripple stress from the body. The relaxing body high soon takes over to start massaging the tired muscles in the body and allow its tranquilizing effects to put you to sleep.

This weed’s energizing effect helps enable a positive mindset that addresses depression. The sedative properties help people with insomnia develop a good sleeping habit.


1 review for Cheese Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Terrell


    Strongly scented and sticky, with an energizing high! It’s an aromatic herb, and just smelling it would actually be enough to entice me to take a hit. Her flavorful cheesy lemon and diesel smoke leaves me feeling awakened, happy, and beautiful. It’s a good companion for social events, where a positive mood is needed. Her thick, trichome-laden nugs had me awestruck. Besides that, the dense layer of sticky trichomes catches my eye. Because of the plant’s thick structure, its buds appear to acquire moisture, which can lead to mold growth. Thinning out the dense foliage to allow air flow is necessary for healthy growth. This girl does best in a warm place with plenty of sunshine. Each plant can produce up to 26 oz of nuggets. Right now, I’m feeling like a true pro! lol thanks a lot.

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