Bonkers Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Bonkers cannabis strain originated in British Columbia, her breeders made sure that this strain could stand up to the cool and humid temperatures of the British Columbia forests, making this hardy strain that loves the cooler temps. This weed is a result of a 3 way cross between Purple Indica, Grapefruit, and Burmese ruderalis strains. The resulting Bonkers provides its users with an intense heavy body stone and an equally intense cerebral high. Its THC levels max out at 23% making it a potent 70% Indica-dominant cannabis strain. Adding to its appeal is the flavorful taste of sweet fruits that complement an already strong physical and mental stimulating high!

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Bonkers Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Grapefruit x Burmese Ruderalis x Purple Indica.
Flowering Period: 7 – 8 weeks
Climate: Cool, Sunny and Humid
Yield: Above-Average
Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical, Floral
THC Level: 18% – 23%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: late September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bonkers Feminized?

Bonkers weed strain can slam the living daylights out of you as it is not one weed to mess around with. Although the name may sound comical, the effects are not a laughing matter especially for those who have tried this for the first time! Bonker marijuana strain effects start with an intense buzzing in the head that may cause dizziness to some users. The intense head rush may cause users to feel woozy and be in a slight haze, but once this levels off, a noticed change in mood is very evident in the user as they’re feeling euphoric and ecstatic and always on a constant grin! As this mental stimulation starts to level off, a warm feeling will start from the head down to the user’s toes that will put them in a state of utmost relaxation. That warm body sensation is so soothing that users will want to enjoy this weed while being glued to their couches. The effects of this weed can last a long time so the users are treated to a few hours where their minds and bodies are at peace. This complete state of sedation will have the user motionless for a bit until the body starts to feel heavy and the mind tells the user that it is time to take that restful sleep that they deserve.

The bonkers aroma is as natural as the forest it was intended to be growing in. It smells pure with sweetness and fruity aromas permeating through the air with that familiar scent of earthy cannabis in the background. Even more so when this bud is lighted and smoke travels down to the tongue. An even more pungent flavor of earthy cannabis blending beautifully with the sweet tropical and floral notes makes it a pleasant smoke to inhale.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bonkers Feminized?

Having a high THC content, this weed can have very potent yet good medicinal value to offer medical cannabis patients. The cerebral euphoric high of the weed combined with its mood uplifting qualities make it a great medicinal option to treat those suffering from severe depression and stress. This weed can block all those bothersome thoughts that continue to hound the user’s mind all the time rendering them unproductive. The users are brought to a happy place when high from this weed and those distressing thoughts are forgotten and locked away. For those suffering from chronic pain, joint inflammation, migraines, and back spasms, Bonkers can provide relief with its sedating and analgesic properties. It can soothe the muscles and calm the nerves giving the user a reprieve from the pain they are in.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bonkers Feminized

For first-time users of this strain, it may cause dizziness especially if the user has a low tolerance for high THC cannabis. It just needs to get used to as the mind and body will soon adjust and normalize with the effects of the strain. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are a result of dehydration. This can be addressed by consuming hydrating liquids during and after the smoke as for dry eyes, having a bottle of moisturizing eye drops will come in handy.

How to Grow Bonkers Feminized?

Bonkers feminized weed strain is an easy to grow plant. Even novice growers can easily grow this plant either indoors or outdoors. They prefer to grow in a cool, sunny, and semi-humid to humid climate. Just before flowering will start, these plants have to be exposed to much cooler temperatures to bring out the purple coloration in their buds and leaves and increase their potency. Lowering the humidity levels is also recommended to prevent any moisture build-up in the buds which may cause bud rot. These plants will start to flower and can be ready for harvest in 7 to 8 weeks and yield above-average produce of Bonkers buds!


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