Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that will produce all female plants. This will ensure that only female plants will grow; forget about males that will only pollinate your female plants. This strain is very productive as it is tall. It grows up to 250 cm high and can produce 1000 to 1200 grams per plant outdoors.

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More About Blue Head Band (fem)

Long-lasting Body-Centered Effect

Blue Head Band strain is a kind of weed that a cannabis enthusiast who’s yearning for a satisfying, sensible intoxication must try. A real 50-50 combination, it possesses an even measure of Indica and Sativa genes. That implies each toke out ensures a strong mental and physical experience. Furthermore, even rookies can savor cannabis at any moment except nighttime.

It is recognized for the flowers that it produces. Those pretty buds have an unusual taste and flavor. It holds a medium level of farming complexity. It can bloom from 7 to 10 weeks, surely a bit longer than some seeds, though do not doubt that your nugs will be set with a heavy buzz. It is likewise a handy weed since it can thrive both outdoors and indoors.

You will like each puff as you nibble and savor the smell and taste of this strain. These cover the fruity and blueberry hints, together with notes of pine, sweet, lemon, and diesel. A sharp and dank buzz is likewise present.

2 reviews for Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Clinton


    Oh dude! her scent is like sweet blueberries and earth, so as her taste DELICIOUS!! A puff of it is like wrapping my brain in a warm blanket that makes me feel comfortable and happy, as if I don’t have a worry in the world lol It lessens my stress and boost my appetite. What I liked about her is that she doesn’t demand a lot more attention and is an excellent choice for first-time marijuana growers. After 8 to 10 weeks, this tall plant is usually ready for harvest. Blue Headband gives a good crop when given plenty of light and a tropical climate. It gets 5 stars from me! 🙂 I’d surely get another one.

  2. Avatar for Baughman


    Strong finisher! my new fave I loved her color,structure and vigor. I grown 6 lovely plants and each yield about 1100g of stunning buds with full of trichomes. She reaches up to 280cm tall outside underneath the sun. You must try this, in just 10 weeks time you’ll surely enjoy her tasty buds. Like me, i had fun cultivating this baby, less worry and low maintenance. I installed a support for her big colas, then everything is fine now. Has unique aroma of sweet,sour with a bit of diesel. But her taste is sweeter than the scent, kinda strong blueberry taste. This fruity one is not a light weed that you imagined, be careful it may knock you down hahah a single hit of this blown me away, i feel alive. Then calming buzz starts to creep in and fears vanish. It popped and rocked! i’ll come back for more.

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