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Black Indica Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Black Indica Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a fantastic strain for those looking to try their hand at growing cannabis. It’s known for being relatively easy to cultivate, making it a great choice for growers with some experience under their belts.

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    Additional Information

    This Indica-Dominant Hybrid boasts a moderate THC content of 13% and a decent CBD content of 2.50%, making it a well-balanced option for both recreational and therapeutic users. One of the standout features of the Black Indica Strain is its relatively short growing period, typically taking just 8-10 weeks to reach maturity. This means you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’re looking to get your hands on Black Indica seeds in Canada, is your best bet. They offer a wide variety of high-quality cannabis seeds and have a reputation for excellent customer service and discreet shipping. Give them a try for all your cannabis seed needs.

    Black Indica Strain Description

    The Black Indica Strain provides an excellent choice for growers, whether they are beginners or seasoned experts. This hybrid, a blend of Pure Kush and Afghanistan strains, leans heavily towards the Indica side. With a THC concentration of 13% and an impressive 2.50% CBD content, it offers a range of effects, from a psychedelic and energizing high to deep relaxation and creative inspiration. Black Indica Strain invites engaging conversations and provides a comfortable couch-lock experience.

    Now, let’s delve into its flavors. Imagine the delightful taste of savory herbs complemented by subtle notes of wood and earthiness. Each hit delivers an unforgettable experience, enhanced by hints of pine and pear. Black Indica Strain is renowned for its ease of cultivation, reaching full maturity in just 8-10 weeks. This makes it the perfect choice for newcomers seeking a high-quality, uncomplicated cannabis variety.

    Black Indica Strain Effects

    Experience the remarkable effects of the Black Indica Strain, a cannabis variety that offers a diverse range of experiences. When you indulge in this strain, get ready for an energetic and psychedelic journey that ignites your creativity. The initial rush of energy and delight will have you feeling talkative and sociable, making it perfect for social gatherings or deep conversations with friends.

    But that’s not all – as the effects evolve, you’ll find yourself easing into a state of blissful relaxation, gradually becoming couch-locked. It’s during this phase that you can fully appreciate the introspective and tranquil aspects of the Black Indica Strain.

    Black Indica Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

    Black Indica Strain offers a distinctive sensory journey. This strain’s rich flavor and captivating appearance are attributed to the presence of terpenes such as Pinene, Delta 3 Carene, and Myrcene. When you savor Black Indica Strain, your taste buds will embark on a delightful adventure. Imagine immersing yourself in the herb’s peppery essence, thoughtfully combined with the earthy tones of pine and the subtle hints of wood. The experience is rounded off by a touch of sweet pear, leaving behind a delicious and enduring flavor profile.

    Envision compact buds showcasing a variety of olive green shades, occasionally adorned with surprising purple accents that contribute to its enigmatic allure. Glittering like diamonds in the sunlight, crystal trichomes glisten, while vibrant orange hairs gracefully wind their way through the foliage.

    19 reviews for Black Indica Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Avatar for The Dude Abides

      The Dude Abides

      1st seed popped no problem. Super healthy plant 5 weeks in! Tons of healthy budding sites growing nearly equal to top without any cropping or bending of any kind. I’ma clone this awesome plant

    2. Avatar for G_mang_0


      Great strain! Three seeds – three distinct phenotypes. All great. Can’t go wrong with Crop King!

    3. Avatar for Kev


      I finished my single Black Indica growing indoors under 400w (equiv) LED. In a hydro bubble system using GH nutes. I started flowering at 4 weeks and flushed at 11 weeks from seed. I topped at 2 weeks old – cutting off all but the bottom 2 nodes and LST’ed. LSTing worked great on this plant. I had around 12 decent tops. I flushed with only water and in the dark with ventilation for 5.5 days. I got a little over 4 oz dried. It was such a healthy happy plant. Over the last year I’ve grown all 5 Black Indica seeds. All came up and produced well. Thanks Crop King!

    4. Avatar for Tommy G

      Tommy G

      I bought a 5 pack and all 5 germinated and are looking great. I’m trying the SOG method. I set them to flower at about 4 1/2 weeks and about 10-12 inches tall. Going on the 1st week of flower and they are looking great. Great big leaves and thick stems. 4 of 5 have dark green leaves typical of Indica while the 5th is a lighter shade indicative of Sativa. Can’t wait for these babies to finish. So far, 5 crowns.

    5. Avatar for GrowCanada420


      Love this strain, been growing it for over a year, It will be staying in my garden for a long time,

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