Acapulco Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Considered a legendary weed, this pure Mexican landrace has been around since the early ‘70s. Acapulco gold cannabis has been a regular fixture in many seasoned enthusiasts’ lists. They are quite difficult to get by right now, but its status as a Sativa heavyweight remains to this day. Having a genetic composition of 80/20 Sativa to Indica ratio, this ganja offers a revitalizing and satisfying mellow physical sedation that has been its trademark high ever since! With high THC weed cornering the mainstream market nowadays, this ganja with a THC content of 17% can still hold its own!

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Acapulco Gold Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa dominant (80% Sativa 20% Indica)
Genetics Parents: Mexican Sativa x Central American
Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks
Climate: Warm, sunny, and semi-humid/Subtropical
Yield: 450g – 500g
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Citrus, Coffee, Pine, Pungent
Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 0.7%
Country: Central America
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effect of Acapulco Gold Feminized

The Acapulco Gold marijuana strain has impacted the cannabis industry with a straightforward euphoric hit that promotes highly elated sensations to its users. It will start as a head buzz that stimulates exhilaration. This opens up the user’s minds to being uplifted as a genuine feeling of pure glee prevails in their heads. A mind-clearing high follows that allows the user to focus intently on thoughts making them more attentive to details. A powerful surge of enthusiasm follows giving them that needed energetic spark to make it through a grueling day. This boost of energy gives the user adds a bounce to their step making them feel vigorous and ready to be productive all day long! This feel-good weed also has its Indica highs that effectively anchor the cerebral party of the user. A warm feeling of relaxation soothes the body and calms their minds.

A refreshing aroma from Acapulco Gold’s nugs is a mix of earthy scents with hints of coffee and pine. As the user tastes the thick and creamy smoke, a pungent taste of wet soil blends with pine and citrus tastes, giving it an overall refreshing flavor!

What are the Medical Benefits of Acapulco Gold Feminized?

Need to unwind after a long, hard day’s work? Acapulco gold will be the best organic alternative to provide that with its mood uplifting and elating properties. This effectively removes PTSD, stress, anxieties, and depression by blocking out all those disturbing thoughts that constantly bother their minds. They are instead transported to a new realm where positivity abounds! Some even claim that continuous use of this weed can lessen the depression in the patient. The energizing effect of this weed is the perfect combatant to rid out all those feelings of lethargy and those suffering from severe fatigue. The jolt lifts them and allows them to be productive at work or home.

Although it has moderate THc content compared to modern standards, it is still an effective weed to treat people suffering from back pains, joint inflammation, and other pain-related conditions as it numbs the affliction giving the patient the ability to move about without being bothered by any ailment.
Negative Effects You Can Expect from Acapulco Gold Feminized

Expect to feel a little dizzy when using this weed for the first time as the mind and body are still adjusting to the potent effects of this ganja. Over time, this will slowly fade away. It is common though to experience drying of the mouth and eyes as the body is feeling a little dehydrated. Drink a lot of hydrating fluids to ease dehydration and apply some lubricating eye drops before smoking weed to moisturize the eyes at the onset.

How to Grow Acapulco Gold Feminized

The Acapulco Gold weed loves the hot tropical weather! Outdoor growing or indoor growing, take your pick. This highly versatile weed is an easy grow. Just regularly feed them with the right amount of macro and micronutrients and your good to grow! They can grow suit tall, so regularly topping them is highly advisable to regularize their height and promote more lateral branches to come out. These plants will be ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks and expert a generous amount of yield from them at about 400 to 500 gms!


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