A La Mode Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As the lovechild of the Milk Bone and Cookie Pebbles variants, it can already be expected that the A La Mode Feminized marijuana is also an evenly balanced marijuana hybrid. If you did not know, both of the parents of this cannabis are showing off a ratio of 50% indica to 50% Sativa. This amalgam was also able to produce a quite potent variant. The THC level of this feminized weed ranges between 22% and 23%.

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A La Mode Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Feminized, Balanced hybrid (50% Sativa, 50% Indica)
Genetics Parents: Milkbone x Cookie Pebbles
Flowering Period: 56 – 70 days
Climate: Warm
Yield: ~490 g/m2 – indoor | ~510 g/plant – outdoor
Flavors: Creamy, Nutty, Strawberry, Sweet
THC Level: 22% – 23%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of A La Mode Feminized?

The term A La Mode is usually used as a culinary term or, in American, it means to serve something with ice cream. And this is just the perfect name for this Mary Jane! As its name suggests, the A La Mode Feminized strain has a delicious sweet flavor; it has a creamy and sweet nutty cookie taste with hints of strawberries.
When you smoke this ganja, give it a few minutes, and you will be hit by its sweet and soothing effects. This is excellent for hybrid lovers! The initial impact would be felt on the head. It will clear your head of any negative thoughts and replace them with good ideas, which will leave you feeling happy. This sense of happiness is accompanied by calmness. It will feel like you are being covered by a warm blanket relaxation to the point that you would not want to move anymore.

What are the Medical Benefits of A La Mode Feminized?

Although the CBD content of the A La Mode Feminized weed is unknown, smokers can still rely on its high THC content to assuage their conditions. More than being a bud for recreational use only, this also offers a lot of benefits for different situations, especially since it is a well-balanced hybrid, thus having the ability to aid both mental and physical discomforts. Among the conditions that it can treat are stress, depression, anxiety, mood swings, nausea, appetite loss, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from A La Mode Feminized

Smoking the A La Mode Feminized cannabis is highly beneficial. However, it still causes some unwanted side effects. The significant drawbacks have not been announced yet, but it is highly recommended to watch your dosage when you smoke this Mary Jane since it has a high THC level. Aside from that, you will most likely suffer from the ever-present dryness of your mouth and eyes. But you can take care of these conditions by simply taking in a lot of water and applying eye moisturizer when needed.

How to Grow A La Mode Feminized?

It is easy to grow the A La Mode Feminized plant. It is adaptable, so you will not have any problem cultivating this herb indoors and outdoors. This plant enjoys warm environments, so make sure that when it is grown indoors, the setup is warm, or when outdoors, it receives plenty of sunlight. Being a feminized plant also makes this herb easy to grow. You will not have to worry about separating the males from the females since there will be no male plants growing.

When the time comes, after 70 days or by October, you will be collecting thick spade-shaped nugs that are in dark olive green color complemented with orange hairs and golden yellow trichomes that seem to be sparkling. The yield is estimated to be around 490 grams per square meter when indoors and about 510 grams per plant when outdoors.


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