Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC at 21.5 percent and 2 percent CBD. It is a feminized strain, so you won’t have to worry about accidental pollination. It is a fast flowering strain that will yield high and may be grown indoors or outdoors.

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More About Crown Royale Feminized

Crown Royale Feminized is a prominent strain from the union of two equally powerful and popular strains: a delicious Blueberry and a delightful Purple Kush. It is a strain that created and its qualities honed in North America. It is mostly used for its medicinal characteristics.

Crown Royale is considered a signature strain with a full-bodied effect. It is a bushy plant with a compact structure ideal for growing indoors or inside a growing space or area. It is also a high-yielder and will grow with minimal effort from the grower.

Crown Royale is ideally grown indoors, but it is also cultivated outdoors. It needs a warm and sunny environment, just like the Mediterranean. It will flower in around 9 weeks and will grow lovely buds with prominent scents and aromas. The smell is pungent and can be too overpowering when airflow is not improved inside the growing area. It’s also best to grow this remotely if you want an outdoor growing area to avoid being detected.

Crown Royale is a strong Indica with THC levels reaching 21.50%. This Indica dominant strain will also give you the best yields. Indoor growers can get up to 500 grams per square meter of growing space, while outdoor growers can expect up to 400 grams of yield per plant.

Above everything else, this strong Indica strain is also a great medicinal strain. You can take Crown Royale to deal with anxiety and stress. It can stop anxious thoughts and keep you relaxed as you perform different tasks during the day. Take it during the nighttime so you can fall asleep faster and sleep continuously through the night.

Crown Royale is also used to deal with all kinds of pain. You can use this strain to stop headaches, migraines, arthritis, and muscle pains. It can help with inflammation, lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting as well. And because it is a feminized strain, you can be sure your all-female garden will be safe from accidental pollination. This is potent, versatile, and high-yielding, all the qualities you may be looking for in a strain.

34 reviews for Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Deemakesweed


    Did a 1 month and change on her veg lst cropping..strong girls..flowered close to 10 weeks before they got to foxtail but buds were like diamonds shining resin..great colors..deep purples from the winter air that came in Delicious taste of sandlewood, good earth,mint,and nice lite baked cookie aftertaste!!!…easy grow..I’d recommend a long veg and lst trainig..big pots if you can..she wants to move so give her room..great grow..thanks again crop king!!

  2. Avatar for Frankensense


    I grew two Crown Royale plants outdoors last summer in Southern Ontario (I have ordered Crop King seeds for five years now with great results). Despite my best efforts at training (cropping, lollipop ping, bending) the two plants still grew to a height of over 10 feet tall. The yield was excellent and the effect of using this strain is very positive, given the CBD is the highest of the feminized types that Crop King sells and the THC is also quite high. The only down side for growing this plant in this more northerly climate is it is a slower growing, maturing plant. The plants were still going strong in October, by which time it got too cold and rainy and some of the buds started to rot. But, I was still able to cultivate and process sufficient amounts to keep me in this excellent strain for many months. A very good strain to grow, provided you have the time to let it fully mature. I started one CR indoors this year in March to see if this enables it to mature sooner when planted outdoors. Cropping and training have already been aggressively started to try to keep the pant at a more optimal, shorter height. Keep up the good work Crop King.

  3. Avatar for Crop Prince

    Crop Prince

    Moderate To Difficult. Similar to Purple Kush i’m guessing from what I’m reading. Planted 6, 4 popped, but 3 survived. I let the best 3 grow until I picked the one that looked the best, and settled on the 1. It is a beautiful plant, and I wish we could attach pictures of grows here. Super frosty purple green with purple hue appearance that come through the pistils in curing. I didn’t bring any temps down to attempt to turn colors further. Very tropical looking though. The aroma is a mix of pungent Blueberry, fine red wine with a hint of diesel. Very unique aroma that I’ve not smelt. The high CBD in this strain works wonders too. Again, be prepared to selectively breed this strain by planting many seeds and picking and keeping the best looking plants.

  4. Avatar for Pat


    This is turning out to be my favorite strain. Great euphoria and very smooth for vaping. I have been spoiled with this stuff. Electricity interruptions caused my indoor grow to start flowering much earlier than I had planned, but I still got 1 1/2 lbs. from just two plants only 30″ tall. I’m completely satisfied​.

  5. Avatar for Jimmy Buds

    Jimmy Buds

    Great genetics every time. 10 out a 10 every time that goes for all crop king seeds. 4 yrs buying from them and I only wish I had grown crown royal sooner. Dense buds

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