Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a high THC all-female cannabis strain. This pure indica strain has a high 24 percent THC, which is why it’s euphoric, happy, sleepy, relaxing, and uplifting. It is a medicinal strain for anxiety, arthritis, fatigue, inflammation, migraines, stress, and muscle cramps. You’ll love its citrus, earthy, herbal, sweet, and woody flavors.

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More About Blood Diamond OG (fem)

A High-THC Strain With a Glossy Bud

Blood Diamond OG is an improved variant of the world-famous OG Kush. This strain overwhelms the spirits in a deep rest that subsides any pains in a flash. It also stimulates a strong high though in little portions only. That is why this weed is best for a nighttime session where dozing off is a desirable event rather than a barrier to creativity.

It is a potent and firm plant because it can withstand natural weed molds and conditions. However, you should have a vigilant observation on its surroundings to be certain it has its entire necessities to rise and provide you a great harvest.

You can plant this seed indoors, and this can produce approximately 18 ounces of good pot. It can get 55 to 60 days to bud and continue for several more days to be set for a large yield. At the same time, Blood Diamond OG can supply you also with 18 ounces of crops per weed when you cultivate this weed outside of your house.


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