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CBD Sour Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The CBD Sour Tangie (1:9) feminized seeds are a cannabis connoisseur’s dream because they produce buds with a flavor that can’t be beaten and a therapeutic, calming effect. It has been claimed that this Sativa-dominant hybrid with a high CBD content produces beautiful nugs that alleviate joint tension, chronic pain, and anxiety. Cannabis users for both recreational and medicinal purposes benefit from raising these seeds. This cultivar has numerous health advantages and produces a rousing high that is ideal for daytime bliss. These feminized seeds are ideal for cultivators of all levels who are skilled at height training. When you buy Sour Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience that will become a part of your daily routine.

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    Additional Information

    What is the CBD Sour Tangie Strain?

    CBD Sour Tangie (1:9) feminized seeds are a high-CBD hybrid strain that has only one percent THC and can produce up to nine percent CBD. When it comes to high-CBD strains, medicinal marijuana users have a variety of options. Cannabidiol, which has emerged as a modern therapeutic agent, is produced in greater quantities by these strains. East Coast Sour Diesel, Sour Tangie, and an unknown high-CBD strain were crossed to create this cultivar. The flavors of these CBD seeds‘ cannabis are mouthwatering, they start a physical rejuvenation, and they stop negative feelings. The fem CBD Acrid Tangie (1:9) seeds produce crops with high CBD and are appropriate for people who don’t need psychoactive impacts however every one of the restorative advantages.

    Growing Information on CBD Sour Tangie Strain

    The first step in growing potent therapeutic cannabis flowers is germinating your CBD Sour Tangie feminized seeds. While there are a few different ways to germinate marijuana seeds, Crop King Seeds uses a straightforward yet effective method. If your seeds do not sprout after following our guide, we will replace them in accordance with our guarantee. Please document your process of germination so that we can quickly evaluate your claim. Follow our germination guide, which explains each step in detail, for the best results. You will also find a fantastic video that will help you germinate your feminized CBD Sour Tangie seeds. Make sure you check your state’s cannabis laws to see if you can grow marijuana.

    How to Grow CBD Sour Tangie Strain

    Because it does require some skill, the feminized CBD Sour Tangie seeds are an excellent option for intermediate or experienced growers. This feminized seed version is resistant to mold and pathogens and produces 99 percent bud-bearing female plants. Feminized CBD Sour Tangie seeds have a shorter life cycle and produce flowers with incredible fragrance faster than regular seeds. This cannabis cultivar has many characteristics that will make it onto your list of the best CBD strains and does well both indoors and outdoors. Organic soil that is rich in nutrients will help improve this crop’s terpene profile, giving it a delicious aroma and flavor that can’t be stopped. Your crop will be optimized using the Screen of Green method, which will result in a better harvest. Utilizing a grid forces plants to grow horizontally, maximizing yield, is this strategy. This crop can be grown outdoors, though it is best grown indoors; You’ll need a warm climate similar to the Mediterranean.

    Medical Benefits of CBD Sour Tangie Strain

    On a physical level, the right mix of stimulating and calming stimuli keeps the body healthy and relaxed. Due to its ability to alleviate pain and ensure that every part of the body is pain-free, it makes traveling simple. The ultra-therapeutic CBD known as Sour Tangie has numerous medical applications. Its anxiolytic effects can combat fatigue while simultaneously reducing symptoms of anxiety, dread, and depression. Inflammation, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions frequently used to treat acute and chronic pains may temporarily disappear. Maintain adequate hydration because minor cases of dry lips and cottonmouth can still occur.

    Strain Aroma

    It is possible to smell the sour Tangie strain. A bitter citrus scent and a strong lime scent will emerge when the lime’s buds are opened. As you inhale, you’ll taste some acidity on your palate. You’ll quickly realize that you just ate sour candy with a citrus flavor.

    Strain Flavor

    The Sour Tangie variety is a good choice for citrus lovers. The intense aroma and flavor of orange and lemon will undoubtedly delight the senses. Because it can lift your spirits and give you a little more energy, it is known as a great social strain.

    Strain Appearance

    The Sour Tangie Feminized strain produces football-shaped, large, fluffy buds. The light green buds contain orange pistils.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What negative effects does sour Tangie have?

    – Despairing, tenacious distress, and squeezing. Information about the strain. The Sativa-dominant hybrid Sour Tangie (80% Sativa, 20% Indica) was created using the wildly popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. Like its parent strains, this flower is famous for its delicious flavor.

    How does the bitter Tangie high feel?

    – The combination of Sativa and Indica effects of the Sour Tangie high is supported by a relatively high THC content, which can reach up to 22% on average. The high begins with a head buzz that gives you a lift, a jolt, and a little focus.

    How much THC does sour Tangie contain?

    – THC: 21% – 22%. The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain known as Sour Tangie (80% Sativa, 20% Indica) was created by utilizing the extremely popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. This blossom is notorious for its madly delectable flavor, very much like its parent strains.


    3 reviews for CBD Sour Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Avatar for William W

      William W (verified owner)

      Very easy to grow outdoors, had 2 plants get well over 6 feet tall in pots and yielded almost 1lb each. Great taste and amazing medicinal qualities, I’ve smoked the flower, pressed and smoked the rosin, made gummies, tincture and a topical salve with this strain and everyone loves it. The only small problem I had was a little bit of bud rot right at the end of flowering but I’m sure that was due to its huge buds and our wet October climate (British Columbia). Would definitely recommend this strain (mine was the 1:20 THC:CBD) but I definitely think it was a bit more than 1% THC as you do get a nice little high off it, especially if you make rosin (I got about 17% return per dry oz of flower).

    2. Avatar for Krueger


      It has a bright and inspiring aroma of citrus and skunk, a little sour but oh sooo sweet and it provides an upbeat weed experience that will escape fatigue. Is your mind filled with worries? try to smoke this herb, it gives mental clarity. I become active while remaining calm. It quickly flowers and creates moderate yields of thick, long nugs coated in dense resin. Once grown indoors, it completes flowering after 9 weeks with temp ranging from 70-79F, yielding up to 1.80 oz/square foot. THANKS! lifetime buyer..

    3. Avatar for Harvill


      A hardy breed that thrives both inside and out. I chose to plant her in my backyard and she grow up to 9 feet tall given with enough space. It produces great buds, about 23 ounces per plant in 10 weeks. With effort and care, she gets plenty of sunlight and ventilation. Once I smoke, it increases my energy while reducing my stress and helping me to overcome depression. Often, she makes me super hungry ahahah. I’m easily tempted to puff more with her irresistible fragrance and the taste of citrus fruits and diesel. All growers should try it out!

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