CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Seeds

CBD Tangie 1:15 is a sativa dominant hybrid of California Orange and Skunk. Because of its soothing citrus fragrance and euphoric high quickly became a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops and gained popularity in other marijuana havens. This place is renowned for producing some of the best concentrates on the market. If you’re searching for medicinal relief, the CBD Tangie 1:15 marijuana strain is the one to go with. CBD Tangie (1:15) was crossed with an unknown high-CBD weed plant to produce this hybrid, which has the same look, scents, and flavors as Tangie, but its flowers are covered in medical resin.

CBD content varies to 15 percent with a THC content of 1 percent. The mind is placed on cloud nine by a cannabinoid history that reduces anxiety rather than changing it. It also provides holistic relaxation that is clear of the adverse effects of mental and physical illnesses. Because of its medicinal advantages, depression, tension, migraines, anxious mood, multiple sclerosis, emesis, and fibromyalgia never disrupt the peace. If you want these benefits and have room in your greenhouse for tall marijuana, growing this strain is a great option. It germinates exceptionally well.

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CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa dominant
Genetics Parents: California Orange x Skunk
Flowering Period: 10 to 12 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean Climate
Yield: 450 to 550 g/m2 indoors / 400 to 500 gr/plant outdoors
Flavors: Citrus and Sweet
THC Level: 1%
CBD Level: 15%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Strain?

CBD Tangie 1:15 has lovely citrus scents, which are sweet and slightly acidic. It’s no wonder that the focuses of this variety are still in high demand. Due to the small amount of THC, it does not generate a cerebral high. CBD Tangie 1:15 has both physical and mental impacts, making it fun to use for recreational purposes.

Working or socializing when under the influence of this strain is perfectly appropriate. Users’ minds are freed of negative emotions, allowing them to focus on great ideas and the task at hand. CBD Tangie 1:15 improves one’s mood, resulting in satisfaction resulting from an optimistic and upbeat attitude. When you’re not in pain, everything is a lot easier. Since the marijuana strain’s relaxing effect outweighs all the energy flow, there is no risk of being too excited or jittery.

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Strain?

CBD Tangie 1:15 strain can carry up to 15 percent CBD by volume and just 1 percent THC by volume. CBD Tangie 1:15 reduces anxiety without altering one’s emotional state and provides holistic, pain-free relief. Depression, stress, migraines, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, extreme mood changes, emesis, and fibromyalgia are among the conditions that it helps alleviate.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Strain?

CBD Tangie 1:15 has surprisingly few side effects. You’ll probably feel thirsty, so have some water on hand. You’ll end up with a cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes. So, consume this strain in moderation if you don’t feel these adverse effects.

How to Grow CBD Tangie (1:15) Marijuana Strain

CBD Tangie 1:15 marijuana seeds are sativa in origin. CBD Tangie dominates its physical characteristics. It grows slender and tall until the fifth week, reaching for the stars. Suppose you’re worried about your weed growing too long; SCROG or prune it. Both methods are effective at shortening flower length while increasing yield. It also works well for topping and recording. Due to its enormous growth, CBD Tangie 1:15 is relatively easy to cultivate. Light penetration and ventilation aren’t an issue because the strain has dense vegetation with narrow-bladed leaves. If growth conditions are kept optimal, CBD Tangie 1:15 marijuana seeds can easily escape moisture accumulation and pathogenic attacks. CBD Tangie 1:15 marijuana seeds grow best in a hydroponic environment and react best to the soil.

The seeds of this strain mature in 9 to 10 weeks of indoor growth and produce yields of 450 grams square meter to 550 grams square meter. Its enormous outcome is determined by the consistency of the environments to which it is exposed. Preserve a temperature range in the growth chamber of 21°C to 26°C for best results. When it comes to growing plants outdoors, tropical climates provide the best results. The CBD Tangie 1:15 marijuana strain will produce up to 500 grams of sticky buds. In the polar regions, harvest starts in late September and lasts until early October.


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