Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Jack is back in auto-flowering form! This uplifting, easy to grow sativa takes up to 9 weeks to finish flowering and can grow to 3.5 feet high, small enough to fit into any size room. Similar to the original Jack Herer, our auto-flowering version can be grown indoors or out, with a modest yield of 150g outdoors and 250g indoors.

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More About Jack Herer Autoflower

Cannabis Like Spring Out of the Box

Jack Herer Autoflower is a cannabis hybrid that provides a sedate high and many happy thoughts. It has mostly Indica that gives a calm and relaxed feeling and also a delight for those who have common physical and mental conditions, such as gagging cancer eliminating medicines cause that. Its name was derived from a great cannabis expert and author, namely Jack Herer. It comes from the combination of Haze, Northern Light, and the Ruderalis to make it an auto version.

Growing the Jack Herer is quite easy, and even beginner’s must-try to grow it. It both thrives indoors and outdoor with a warm and sunny climate. Jack Herer auto flower is considered one of the most respected cannabis hybrids globally, and they call it a “growers dream” due to its high yielding capacity. Jack Herer is also a high-standard strain with great resistance to molds and pests that is usually the main reason to threaten most crops. Growers who prefer to cultivate indoors can acquire sweet yields of about 150 to 250 grams every square meter that takes 60 to 65 days from germination into flower.

32 reviews for Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    It always seemed like it was a bit behind, until the last 3 weeks where the changes accelerated, as did the smell and the thickness and density of the buds and branches. It has really nice taste, gives an instant dry mouth and definitely sorts you out.

  2. Avatar for Tim Parsons

    Tim Parsons

    It was an amazing plant to grow so easy and just took everything I gave her. The flowers are big filled with trichomes to the point of forming drops of sugar in some cases. It’s impressive! The effect is strong and long lasting. It builds enthusiasm, causes creativity, happiness, energy and reduced anxiety.

  3. Avatar for Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson

    My girls yielded great! I am super happy with how they came out. Smells really amazing like tropical diesel if that makes sense! Nice heavy cerebral, slightly punch, without the heavy eyes, head and brain fog. I am enjoying!

  4. Avatar for John Hall

    John Hall

    She’s been a glorious plant to grow. Feels like its taken forever to get to this point but were here and were drying so it’s worth the wait. Easy and really good taste and high. I can actually do things when I’m stoned not just sit on the couch.

  5. Avatar for James Smith

    James Smith

    I was worried when it was growing but it made to harvest time and yield some decent buds! Nice and smooth to smoke. Different taste, very spicy, with a euphoric and creative effect!

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