Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant automatic strain. It is easy to grow and can produce up to 600 grams per plant despite its small strain only 50 to 70 cm high. This is a relaxing, sedating, sleepy and happy strain with citrus, vanilla, pine, and earthy flavors.

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More About Wedding Cake Autoflower

Delicious Treat Auto Category

Wedding Cake Auto-flowering is a hybrid that produces after crossbreeding the Triangle Kush and the Animal Mints that add with a Ruderalis genotype to make an auto-flowering category. It is easy to cultivate even beginners can try to grow this strain as it does not give such unnecessary stress. Due to its genetics Ruderalis, it grows into a small plant that is very flexible in growing in almost all types of environment such as indoor, outdoor, and also in greenhouses.

Once the harvesting period comes, it produces generous yields that have a rich terpene feature with a high THC content of 20 percent. Its aroma and flavor will surely be loved by the consumer looking for an enticing treat that can do alternative smoke. Its fruity fragrance combines well with a vanilla flavor that is unique from this hybrid.

This auto-flowering category was made to enhance the number of yields that the original strain lacks. Wedding Cake auto-flower usually takes 9 to 10 weeks from seeds until it fully blooms and ready to harvest. Once it reaches its full bloom, you can harvest as much as 600 grams each square meter. While in an outdoor setting, you can harvest as high as 150 grams per plant. This cannabis strain will keep you forever faithful growing it, like a wedding vow.


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