Pineapple Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Pineapple Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica all-female cannabis strain with a high 21 percent THC making it very calming and relaxing. It is a small strain, only 100 cm high, and can produce up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. It comes with earthy, apple, mint, pineapple, and sweet flavors and is useful for pain, arthritis, depression, and stress.

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More About Pineapple Autoflower

Mouthwatering Marijuana Treat

Cultivators that are looking for a fast-yielding strain should try these Pineapple Auto flowers. It was a result after combining the flavorful Pineapple with the Ruderalis strain. It was equally balanced that it inherits from its genotype parents. The consumer loves the effects that begin with a hit of euphoria that influences the mind as well as the body. Due to its 12 to 15% THC level, it makes a soothing and calming effect while tasting a sweet and fruity flavor. Considered as a mouthwatering hybrid with a good medical used with such pain-relieving property.

Pineapple Autoflower usually does not demand a strict light and dark cycle. Besides, its flowering stage quickly comes no matter what the climate is. Having proper care, it rewarded you with a high-standard resinous bud. Also, its tropical flavors and benefits become all even very agreeable that growers and consumers will definitely like.

Indoors usually grows into an average height that reaches up to 1 meter tall, which makes it an ideal to cultivate under an artificial set of lights. Having an extra flowering day makes the buds produce much compact and tastier buds. Each square meter can have at least 450 grams of delicious buds. However, the number of buds that this plant produces still depends on how you raise it and the number of nutrients that it received. Growing it outdoors usually takes up to 65 days until it blooms its flowers. It grows up to 1 to 1.5 meters tall, so it is also advisable to plant it even in balconies or terraces as it does not grow into long height. After such a flowering period, you can harvest as high as 60 up to 250 grams of buds each plant.


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