Magnum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About Magnum Autoflower 

Most Productive Auto Cannabis Plant

Magnum auto-flowering cannabis seeds is a high-standard plant that offers great qualities such as high yield, tasty cannabis flavor, and an outstanding Sativa high. Upon taking these strains, you may feel a cerebral buzz with an intense spiraling high that can be considered as truly euphoric. It is a hybrid pot that has a medium THC content with a sweet, spicy, and fruity flavor that consumers may even love. The main head rush that it gives you a high and enjoyable buzz without even making you racy.

Growing the magnum auto-flowering seeds outdoors, in a Mediterranean-like sun, can be considered to be genuinely vast. Though it has a quite long flowering period that lasts 75 up to 80 days, this Magnum auto-flower can still guarantee an outstanding number of yields that reach about 450 to 550 grams every square meter. Magnum autoflower naturally grows a thick branch that evenly permits for a great light perception, which can lead it into a bumper kind of crop.


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