King Louis XIII Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

King Louis XIII, otherwise called “King Louis,” “Louis XIII Kush” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with LA Classified. This is a sort of an Indica-predominant strain wherein arriving at perfection has been consolidated. This strain is classified as feminized that’s why clients have lesser worries about segregating it. The impacts of King Louis XIII are substantial, leaving clients nostalgic with its undeniable OG qualities. This strain offers clients profound unwinding, hushing them into a deep lay down with charming tension behind the eyes. Crop King Seeds offer the greatest deals and offers for our beloved clients. leave us a message for orders!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: OG Kush x LA Confidential
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
CBD Content: 1%
THC Content: 15% – 23%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


What is the King Louis XIII Strain?

King Louie is a famous indica strain that is known for its powerful impact and sharp smell. This strain is supposed to be named after the renowned animation character, King Louie, from Disney’s The Wilderness Book. King Louie is a combination of OG Kush and LA Private and has a THC content that reaches from 15-23%. The impacts of this strain are normally unwinding and calming, making it a decent decision for those looking to slow down by the day’s end. This strain is likewise known for its capacity to ease torment and stress, making it a famous decision among clinical patients.

Growing Information on King Louis XIII Strain

You can develop King Louis XIII Strain Autoflowering feminized seeds outside or inside. Dissimilar to its photoperiod partner, this strain will rapidly change from the vegetative to blossoming stages since it is an auto-blooming type. Without following specific developing systems, it will blossom consequently. They are very tough and strong, making them ideal for starting cultivators and, surprisingly, lenient of youngster botches. King Louis XIII weed seeds, when developed effectively, will create thick, lime-green buds that are shrouded in resinous trichomes and have a dispersing of orange hairs, making them profoundly alluring to the eye. King Louis XIII Strain marijuana plants will develop in just 8 to 9 weeks and arrive at a little to medium size with a shaggy and squat appearance.

How to Grow King Louis XIII Strain

King Louis XIII Strain marijuana seeds are easy to plant indoors, even in humble development regions. Introducing an air channel could assist with keeping the development’s hostile smell from spreading assuming you maintain that it should be discrete. To boost the arrangement of its buds given its thick nature, you can decide to apply it utilizing the Ocean of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) strategies. It will deliver a yield of around 16-18 ounces of new buds per square meter when the time has come to collect.

Medical Benefits of King Louis XIII Strain

Like most types of weed, the King Louis XIII strain offers clinical applications. The profound unwinding given by the stone is an extraordinary guide in mitigating pressure and uneasiness. This profound unwinding will likewise demonstrate value to the people who experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation, assisting clients with snoozing off well before dawn and waking up feeling more invigorated and all-around rested. King Louis XIII likewise offers pain-alleviating impacts and can be helpful for those experiencing muscle fits. King Louis XIII offers profound unwinding, making it a powerhouse among different strains with regard to restorative properties.

Strain Aroma

The smell of King Louis XIII Strain is new pine with a touch of pleasantness and soil, complementing his woody nature. You would feel much better and your lips would begin to soak more when you breathed out with a delicate, tacky flavor.

Strain Flavor

This Indica-prevailing half-breed has a musky, fiery fragrance supported by a richly sweet, and natural flavor, making it a pleasant strain to smoke, and it tastes oaky which shows the woody characteristics of King Louis XIII.

Strain Appearance

King Louis XIII strain has thick, lime-green buds that are shrouded in a spotless covering of tacky trichomes. The orange hairs on the chunks likewise add to the tasteful allure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Killer Lemonade Fast Version known for?

– King Louis XII is a strain that shows up on a large number of “most loved OG Kush aggregate records” of OG Kush devotees and has been for a really long time. This strain is potent, frequently testing for more than 20% THC. King Louis XIII elements thick, lime-green buds covered with a fresh layer of resinous trichomes.

What strains are like King Louis?

– Strains like King Louis incorporate Gummiez, Sacred goal Kush, Khalifa Kush, and Pineapple Jelly. Request on the web. Impromptu pickup or conveyance in This data is obtained from our perusers and is certainly not a substitute for proficient clinical exhortation.

What terpene is in King Louis?

– King Louis highlights limonene as the prevailing terpene.

What are the impacts of King Louis XIII?

– The impacts of King Louis XIII are substantial, leaving clients nostalgic with its obvious OG attributes. This strain offers clients a profound unwinding, quieting them into a deep lay down with a wonderful tension behind the eyes.




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