Killer Blue Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

A superior combination of Indica and Sativa genes produced the pot strain known as Killer Blue Strain. It is delicious, herbaceous, and strong, with average THC concentrations ranging from 18 to 22 percent. For those attempting something novel, this strain might completely alter the situation.

There are numerous cannabis cultivars with ambiguous genetic ancestors. Considering that certain cannabis strains are well-known among marijuana fans, this autoflowering variety might be one of them.

Your everyday routine will taste more zesty with the help of this stimulating strain here at Crop King Seeds! You may get cheap Killer Blue Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds whenever you want. We can provide lower rates for large purchases, and you can be confident that the weeds you receive will be of the highest caliber and consistent quality.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Unknown
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 8–9 Weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 18 to 22%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


What is Killer Blue Strain?

The origins of the indica-dominant Killer Blue strain are yet unknown. This strain’s 60/40 Indica to Sativa ratio is one thing you can count on. This automatic kind tends to be short-lived, flowers quickly, and bears an abundant crop of delectable buds. Additionally, this strain has a very sweet, lemony flavor with berry-like undertones of sourness. For those seeking a novel strain, it delivers devastating effects thanks to its moderate THC level of 18 to 22%.

Killer Blue strain has demonstrated its potential because of the recreational effects and therapeutic advantages it provides, despite the fact that its genetic origins have not yet been made public. The dominant flavor and aroma of Killer Blue is a blending of sweet berries and tart citrus fruits, but it is merely the cherry on top.

Intense indica characteristics that are focused on keeping the body completely relaxed and maintaining a pleasant state are anticipated from Killer Blue strain. Its brand of relaxation frequently results in couchlock and even drowsiness. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this strain in the evening. In addition, the effects of indica can be used to treat anorexia and other related eating disorders, as well as symptoms of muscle spasms, melancholy, anxiety, and insomnia. Killer Blue strain generates a substantial amount of yield and can be consumed eight to nine weeks after planting.

Growing Information of Killer Blue Strain

A grower can become proficient with Killer Blue Autoflower very quickly. To consistently outperform the Joneses, this super hard-hitting strain only requires good soil or a nutritionally sound hydroponic setup, humidity control, and 600–1000 watt lights. No matter if she is inside or outside, it is imperative to frequently check on this gorgeous lady. Even the most resilient types of pests and diseases will die if left unchecked. So be sure to watch it!

The idea of sanitizing the grow room is brilliant. Keep an eye on your enclosed grow spaces because even though the Killer Blue strain has Indica dominant characteristics that make her more resistant to temperature changes, she is still vulnerable to various pests and diseases. Indica autoflowering marijuana grows short and stocky, with big leaves. Colder temperatures and reduced humidity are ideal for this plant to grow. In a controlled environment, Killer Blue strain grows significantly more quickly. 400 to 550 grams per square meter can be achieved inside.

When grown outdoors, the Killer Blue strain can produce 60 to 200g of marijuana per plant, but it does poorly compared to other autoflowering strains. The Killer Blue grow period lasts for approximately 8–9 weeks after the seed germination, whether the plant is grown indoors or outdoors. This type may be a wonderful choice if you don’t want marijuana plants growing outside your home because it can be cultivated indoors and requires little space.

How to Grow Hawaiian Killer Blue Strain

Killer Blue Autoflower grows compact and stocky with big leaves. They typically flower at a specific time. This plant thrives in colder, lower-humidity environments. In a controlled environment, Killer Blue strain grows significantly more quickly. Outdoor plants may produce 60–200g per plant, whereas indoor plants can produce 400–550g/m2. It does poorly outdoors when compared to other autoflowering strains. The harvest should be ready 8–9 weeks after the seed germinates, whether the seed is grown outdoors or indoors. This variety can be grown indoors and takes up little space, making it a good option if you don’t want marijuana plants growing outside your building.

Medical Benefits of Killer Blue Strain

In addition to serving as a mild drug, marijuana is also becoming more and more well-known for its therapeutic benefits. The calm and upbeat state that Killer Blue strain gives can not only help people de-stress but also improve the outlook of those who are depressed or anxious. The munchies effect that Killer Blue produces can be beneficial for people who are losing weight as a result of eating disorders like anorexia. These people can eat more food with ease because their appetites have been increased.

The calming and soothing effects along with the analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics may help with physical disorders such chronic body aches and pains.

Strain Aroma

– The various smells of the Killer Blue strain will please the consumer’s palate. It smells mildly lemony with a berry-like sourness.

Strain Flavor

– The majority of the time, consumers find it intriguing to investigate various marijuana strains, even those that have just been identified, for their tastes and effects. Every user’s taste receptors will be overwhelmed by the Killer Blue strain’s unique flavors. It has a deliciously sweet, lemony flavor with berry-like undertones.

Strain Appearance

Killer Blue Strain grows short and stocky, with big leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Killer Blue Autoflower?

– The Killer Blue is an Indica-dominant strain with a tasty blend of flavors and fragrances

What is the average height of Killer Blue Autoflower

– Medium

What is the average yield of Killer Blue Autoflower?

-400–500 g/m2



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