Elephant Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The elephant is a traditional bud with a lost lineage. It is believed that the elephant-sized colas that this strain produces during its flowering phase gave it its name. Purple Elephant and Elephant Bud Elephant were bred together, and as a result, Elephant Bud Elephant has a powerful cerebral buzz that immediately hits the head and settles behind the eyes. Additionally, it will encourage conversation and creative expression. Take advantage of Elephant Strain throughout the day to stimulate appetite, creativity, and physical activity. Get one of these old-school feminized strains only here at Crop King Seeds and we assure you a high percentage of germination rate!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Purple Elephant x Elephant Bud
Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 10-11 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.3-0.5%
THC Content: 19%-22%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is the Elephant Strain?

With a staggering 20 percent THC content, Elephant is a Sativa dominant strain. It lives up to its name, is extremely potent, and has a 30:70 Indica-to-Sativa ratio. What truly separates it from the remainder of the group is its huge cola. One of the best cannabis strains ever to hit the market is known as it. It is recommended that people who are new to cannabis avoid using this strain. The high is potent and lasts for at least two hours without making you feel tired. The cerebral effects, which are exactly what most cannabis users are looking for, will begin immediately. In addition, it gives you a strong buzz while still allowing you to concentrate, making it the ideal strain for daytime use. In addition, it works just as well for medical conditions like anorexia, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Growing Information on Elephant Strain

One of the best things about the Elephant Strain plant is how easy it is to grow. Due to its height, which ranges from 50 to 130 cm, cultivators can cultivate this plant indoors or outdoors. An indoor plant’s yield of up to 180 grams can be collected after a flowering period of up to 10 weeks. This is relatively quick considering that it is a Sativa strain and that Sativa strains typically flower for 9 to 11 weeks and worry less because it is a type of strain that is feminized. It can take up to 16 weeks for even pure Sativas to finish blooming. In any case, when developed outside, a more noteworthy yield can be gotten; Expect 230 grams of buds per plant by October. The buds that will be harvested will have nugs that are both light and dark green and have golden hairs on them.

How to Grow Elephant Strain

Because it was an auto-flowering variety, growing it was easier. Growers won’t have to worry about the variations in the light cycle because it will automatically transition from the stage of vegetation to the stage of flowering. The Elephant Strain Autoflower seeds require a lot of care when grown indoors. Growers can maintain a low height and encourage bushier growth by topping it early. Naturally, its leaves would need to be clipped or pruned frequently to improve light and air circulation. The Elephant Strain’s flowering stage takes only 8 to 9 weeks. It can provide a respectable yield of 8 to 12 ounces per square meter until it is ready for harvest.

Medical Benefits of Elephant Strain

Despite having little CBD, the Elephant Strain is an effective stress reliever. It encourages customer satisfaction and lifts spirits. Consequently, many people use it to relax after a long day at work. This strain of marijuana can also help people with depression, anxiety, and anorexia. Its quieting properties help in facilitating strain in the muscles, sanctuaries, and eyelids. Users can fall asleep quickly, which makes it possible for them to get a good night’s sleep.

Strain Aroma

This strain has a smooth, energizing earthy pine aftertaste and a sweet undertone. The elephant strain had a potent fruity aroma. This scent also contains earthy pine and light floral berries. They can occasionally be a little bit abusive, despite being frequently quite aesthetically pleasing.

Strain Flavor

Light up your marijuana and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the Elephant Strain’s woody, spicy, and lemony flavors. When you take a puff, this delicious flavor is immediately followed by a powerful and long-lasting Sativa high.

Strain Appearance

The strain is a plant that grows easily. The buds that will be harvested, on the other hand, will have golden hairs and nugs of light and dark green.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Elephant Autoflower on average?

– The Elephant Autoflower marijuana seed is better suited for commercial and industrial development because it can grow to a height of 60 to 120 centimeters.

Is Elephant an indica or Sativa Autoflower?

– The energizing Sativa genetics and potent head high caused by the high levels of THC perfectly complement the physically calming effects of CBD.

How does Elephant Autoflower work?

– The best auto-flowering strain in the Super Sativa Seed Club is Elephant Autoflower. Elephant Autoflower will quickly become a favorite of yours due to its enormous buds. THC levels can go as high as 20%. This one is so uncommon due to its high CBD levels, which can reach 10%.



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