Devil XXL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Devil XXL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with automatic qualities. This strain is very easy to grow as you won’t have to use a special lighting schedule to bloom. It flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks and will produce buds with high THC. It is a creative, energetic, focused, and euphoric strain.

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More About Devil XXL Autoflower 

Indica-dominant with Auto Jack Genetics

Straying from the usual but a one of a kind delight, the Devil XXL Autoflower offers a unique experience. Get a taste and whiff of an arousing mix from incense, spice, with notes of citrus that will get you on the high when you grow this strain around your home. Besides how fast it grows and great its yield is, you can count on this strain for you to get chilling like a villain.

Devil XXL is a dominant Indica cannabis strain at 19 to 20 percent of THC content, making it a perfect treat for yourself to get those relaxing feels coming along. This baby is a result of the Big Devil #2 meeting with the Auto Jack Herer. The best part about growing them too is that they have a brief flowering period and are resistant to moisture caused diseases and pests.

When kept inside, the Sea of Green setup and giving it some exposure to light will keep it thriving at home. They’re quite small plants, so not much space is required to raise them indoors. You can harvest about 450 to 500 grams of bud per square meter in 65 days from its germination period.

Outside, the plant loves warmth and sunlight. Harvest season comes around the month of October, with at least 60 to 200 grams of its yield per plant will be waiting for you to smoke and enjoy.


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