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Critical Purple Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Critical Purple strain exemplifies what we like to refer to as the quiet delivery. Until you pay closer attention to your body, a single puff of this cannabis does not feel harsh. Critical The purple weed moves slowly. The plant has Indica-heavy genetics to the brim, and it slowly takes over your senses. You can find these and other varieties on Crop King Seeds. We have the best seeds in our seed bank, so you can start growing right away. You can rest assured that the seeds you will be receiving are feminized already and your order will be delivered promptly, discretely, and with the utmost care to preserve the seeds’ viability.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Critical + x Purple Kush
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.7%
THC Content: 27%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the Critical Purple Strain?

Critical Purple, also known as “Critical Purple Kush,” is a classic Critical + X Purple Kush hybrid that was created by crossing the two. The Critical Purple high has long-lasting relaxing effects that are ideal for unwinding at the end of a long day when you need to get to sleep quickly and feel better. It is as beautiful as it looks. The high begins with a jolt that makes you feel good and gives you a feeling of euphoria without making you feel more energetic. Rather, you’ll fall into a condition of profound unwinding and overpowering sluggishness that leaves you unfocused and calm, inclined to rest off on occasion. Critical Purple is ideal for relieving symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, depression, decreased appetite, and fatigue due to its potent THC content of 23-27%.

Growing Information on Critical Purple Strain

The Critical Purple seeds are the best option for experienced growers looking for relief and higher THC levels. Basic Purple plants grow four feet tall, and they’re staggeringly strong to form irritations. Critical Purple seeds can be used indoors or outdoors, but controlled environments yield better results. These crops require RH levels of at least 55% and constant temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To accomplish these circumstances in the open, you want a Mediterranean environment. You will harvest between 5 and 10 ounces if everything goes according to plan. each plant.

How to Grow Critical Purple Strain

The best way to grow this strain is to give it more room, but you can also grow it in a small indoor space. Trim the branches early on to accomplish this. This is why: By pruning, you give the buds more room to grow, making the most of your available space. During flowering, ensure that there is adequate airflow and low humidity to prevent bud rot. During the flowering stage, feed your plants well to give the buds more body. To ensure that liquid nutrients are properly absorbed, growers should cover the soil. Worry less also because this strain is already feminized.

Medical Benefits of Critical Purple Strain

Patients with chronic depression or anxiety who use medical marijuana will greatly benefit from the critical Purple review. This treatment works best for people with post-traumatic stress disorder in particular. In contrast to Sativas, this strain does not inspire creativity. As a result, it is possible to stop thinking about stressful situations. Additionally, the sedative effect makes people feel sleepy, which makes sleep more restful and deeper. It also doesn’t cause any of the same symptoms as a hangover, like those caused by prescription drugs.

Strain Aroma

When the plant is ground, the smell will be very strong and strong. The Critical Purple Strain has a flavor that is very fruity and light. Because it contains more terpenes, this strain’s flavor is more floral and less like kerosene.

Strain Flavor

Within a few seconds of inhaling Critical Purple cannabis smoke, your taste buds become overloaded. The floral, sweet flavors come through. Your tongue detects spices and citrus after a while.

Strain Appearance

Critical Purple nugs are stunning through and through. It has huge nugs that are dark olive green, bright purple leaves, dark amber hairs, and a coating of dark amber-colored crystal trichomes that can have a slight purple tinge to them. It also has bright purple leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the critical Purple Kush's growth rate?

This plant is between 250 and 300 cm tall. When grown outdoors in the ground in northern latitudes, it will be ready for harvest by late September or early October. Each plant has a yield of 600 to 800 grams—each in this circumstance

What is the critical purple strain?

Cresco Labs’ Critical Purple Kush should be added to your rotation right away! This 90/10 strong Indica strain has a lot of trichomes and amber-colored pistils on its dark green and purple buds.

How can critical purple be grown?

– During the plant’s bloom, keep humidity low and ventilation high to prevent bud rot. If grown outdoors, keep the buds out of the rain and grow either hydroponically or in soil. Critical Kush is an excellent plant to grow in greenhouses if you want a large crop



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