Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Cream Strain is a cross between the delicious Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 strains, making it an Indica-dominant hybrid. The name of this marijuana speaks volumes about its flavor. The cream has a flavor that is extremely sweet and creamy, like vanilla coffee, and it also has hints of sweet fruity berries. The Cream high will hit you a couple of moments after your last breath out, working its relieving impacts into your cerebrum with a lifted and shivery feeling of cerebral elation. Place your order right away at Crop King Seeds, and you can rest assured that you will always receive high-quality feminized marijuana seeds at cost-effective prices. So, why are you still waiting? Look at us and appreciate greater investment funds!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33
Dominant: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
CBD Content: 0.5-0.8%
THC Content: 16%
Growing Difficulty: Easy-moderate

What is the Cream Strain?

The Cream Strain is a successful cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. The cream is recommended for experienced patients who suffer from conditions such as depression, chronic stress or PTSD, ADD or ADHD, and inflammation due to these effects and its extremely high average THC level of 13-16%. This buzzing stimulation will soon spread throughout your body, making you feel completely at ease from head to toe and sometimes pretty immobile. In this state, you won’t be unconscious, but rather relaxed and at ease with the world around you. With 90% Indica dominance, the Cream strain promises a quick hit of powerful relaxation. Due to the quick-acting effects of this potent blend, which begin to manifest a few minutes after ingestion, even seasoned smokers are in awe of its inspiring strength. However, it is not recommended to consume this cannabis before or during work hours.

Growing Information on Cream Strain

A warm environment and a smidgen of work will assist every one of these plants with creating something like 14 ounces of buds. The Cream ought to begin flowering in the first few days of October. The cream Strain is ready to move on to its flowering stage as early as the eighth week. There is no need to worry about the gender of the plant because these are already feminized. Each square meter of this plant under 500-600 watts of lighting can deliver 10 to 15 ounces of buds covered with pitches. The majority of people have trouble growing the Cream Strain because they can’t seem to find a cutting, even though the plant itself isn’t hard to grow. It doesn’t matter whether hydroponics or soil is used as a medium.

How to Grow Cream Strain

This robust plant has the typical stature of an indica. It is bushy and compact, reaching about 3.5 feet in height. Because it can easily adapt to any growing environment, this produces a plant that does well both inside and outside. A setup like this has the potential to produce more crops because you can use bud-boosting techniques like the Sea of Green inside (SOG). A plant’s canopy can be expanded by sprouting multiple buds, typically four at a time, allowing the developing buds full light exposure and ventilation. If you use the SOG method, your crop could reach 3250 or 500 grams per square meter. You could also grow them in your garden, producing 150–300 grams from each plant.

Medical Benefits of Cream Strain

Because it is a somewhat potent sedative, it can assist medical cannabis patients with joint inflammation, migraines, back pain, and muscle spasms. Users can carry out their daily tasks without experiencing any pain as a result of the medication’s palliative and anti-inflammatory properties. Medical marijuana users favor the cannabis variety known as the “Cream Strain.” It not only delivers on its promise to treat medical conditions, but it also produces a milder, more mellow high than other high-THC medicinal cannabis strains.

Strain Aroma

Cream Strain ganja buds bring back memories of caramel and vanilla, complemented by a musky earth aroma when inhaled by users.

Strain Flavor

The flavor of the smoke, once ignited, will be like moist earth with hints of caramel and delicious cherries. The palate is left with a delicious smoke flavor and a sweet vanilla flavor on the exhale.

Strain Appearance

Soon, a thick layer of silver trichomes covers each bud, giving it a candy-like appearance. When these small plants reach full maturity, their green blossoms take on a purple hue and develop hairs that are a brilliant yellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cream seeds be grown by novices?

– Cream seed crops take about 7-8 weeks to reach the flowering stage after germination. During this time, the plant’s branches begin to develop sticky buds. In contrast to photoperiodic plants, these crops do not require light to reach this growth stage.

How long does Cream Autoflower take to bloom?

– Cream seed crops take about 7-8 weeks to reach the flowering stage after germination. During this time, the plant’s branches begin to develop sticky buds. In contrast to photoperiodic plants, these crops do not require light to reach this growth stage.

What smells like Cream marijuana?

– Cream seeds marijuana has a delicious aroma, as its name suggests. When you open a jar of these freshly cured buds, the air is filled with the scents of caramel and vanilla. In addition, you will smell citrus and a hint of cool earth, which perfectly balance the sweetness.



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