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Butter OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Butter OG has a long history of providing therapeutic relief, in spite of its popularity as a medicinal strain. It gives you a calming, top-to-bottom high that momentarily lessens the effects of physical and mental illnesses. It improves moods while assisting users in unwinding and taking pleasure in marijuana’s advantages.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Unknown
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 7 to 9 Weeks
CBD Content: Up to 1%
THC Content: 18% – 20%
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

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What is Butter OG Strain?

An enigmatic, Indica-dominant strain with a high sedative content is called Butter OG Strain. Even the most seasoned smokers can get great results from Butter OG, despite the fact that the strain’s parents and breeders are unknown. The strain’s moniker, Butter OG, relates to the special creamy sensation that is another of its well-known qualities. THC content in Butter OG rose from 18% to 20%. The small size of Butter OG blossoms makes them distinctive.

Butter OG is a mysterious variety. This hasn’t stopped it from becoming a huge fan favorite, though. As its names suggest, it has a buttery smoke that soothes the throat. The body continues to be relaxed and sedentary as it creates its potent high.

Growing Information of Butter OG Strain

Marijuana seeds from the Butter OG strain are primarily indica. It is by default brief and reliable. The roots and stalks are resistant to the harsh winds and cold of the north. However, this does not imply that expansion will be simple. It is a delicate plant that is only available as a clone, not a seed. While growing their roots, growers must pay strict attention to their productivity, humidity, and temperature conditions. If the two are out of balance, cultivators will limit the plant’s growth, and in the worst case, the plant will perish. As a result, it might not be the best strain to grow for beginners.

However, once Butter OG cannabis strains have established their roots, they are considerably simpler to manage. It loses sensitivity as the stalks and branches get more substantial. More importantly, it enhances bud growth by enhancing nutrient absorption. To increase yields even further, growers can combine it with the Sea of Green approach. If it is thinned out by pruning or trimming, growers will also stop it from decaying because of high moisture or humidity levels that have not dried out properly. The indoor flowering time for Butter OG is about 7 to 9 weeks. When harvested, it should produce 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.

Before relocating the Butter OG marijuana strain outside, begin growing it indoors until it forms roots. Growers can then plant it in a field or a greenhouse. They are providing cover for it in case of inclement weather. From the last few days of September until the second or third week of October, Butter OG blooms. A minimum of 12 ounces of buds are expected by growers each plant.

How to Grow Butter OG Strain

Butter OG Strain is built to be both compact and durable. Its stalks and roots can withstand the strong winds and colder temperatures of the north. The growth won’t necessarily happen quickly, though. Because it can only be obtained as a clone and not a seed, it is a sensitive plant. When growing their roots, growers must carefully monitor their efficiency, humidity, and temperature. If the two are out of balance, the plant’s growth will be stunted, and in the worst situation, the plant will perish. For novice growers, it might not be the best strain to create. However, after the plant has grown roots, it becomes much simpler to manage. It becomes less sensitive as the branches and stalks get thicker.

More significantly, it improves nutrient absorption, which promotes bud development. It can be combined with the Sea of Green technique by growers to increase yields even more. If it is thinned out by trimming or pruning, you can also stop it from decaying because it hasn’t dried out enough and has a lot of moisture or humidity in it. Butter OG must first be grown indoors until it has roots if you wish to produce it outdoors. After that, growers can transplant it into a farm or garden. In case of bad weather, it provides protection. The indoor flowering time for Butter OG is about 7-9 weeks. When harvested, this strain should produce 10–12 ounces per square meter. Butter OG blooms from the final days of September till the second or third week of October. Growers anticipate at least 12oz per plant.

Medical Benefits of Butter OG Strain

The marijuana strain Butter OG Strain has a wide range of health advantages for both your body and mind. The naturally upbeat high that the majority of recreational users encounter can also be used as an alternative treatment for a number of mental illnesses, including depression and PTSD. It is a strain that many everyday smokers might use to continuously ward off all those stressful circumstances and bad feelings! In order to treat those who have been diagnosed with anorexia or other common eating problems, Butter OG Strain can also aid in increasing appetite.

Going further into its medicinal properties, Butter OG Strain also has some of the best pain-killing benefits available. This strain has some analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the amount of cannabinoids found in its buds, which may help to successfully relieve any swelling and stiffness in your bodies. Due to the potency of these effects, it can be used to treat both mild and severe aches. The necessary dosages will, of course, depend on how bad your muscles and limbs hurt and how uncomfortable they are.

Strain Aroma

– You’ll note that it has skunky and strong scents. It has strong elements of earthiness thrown in that give it this organic scent.

Strain Flavor

– It has a wonderful sandalwood-like wood smoke flavor. The fruitiness, sweetness, and tropical aftertaste of this strain are completed by a buttery undertone. It has flavorful woody undertones that linger in your mouth after you exhale.

Strain Appearance

– The tiny buds have the thick, tightly filled structure typical of Indica and are bound together by popcorn-like bundles. The wrinkly, dark-green, forest-colored leaves have curly hairs that resemble pistils, which are pollen-gathering organs that form when female plants bloom close to male plants. The already-formed flowers eventually get covered in a thick layer of white sticky trichomes, giving them a gleaming sheen and making them challenging to break without a grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is butter OG?

– The strange, indica-leaning strain known as Butter OG has an exceptionally tranquil high.

What is Butter OG Strain?

– Butter OG marijuana is a smooth and fragrant strain that has hints of the same flavor as its namesake and is only moderately potent.

What is the average height of Butter OG Strain?

– Average


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