Bakerstreet Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The high might not be what you’re looking for if you’re wanting to be launched. Although Bakerstreet is described as typically containing 16% – 28% THC, the effects were not strong.

I’ve had Hindu Kush before, and it blew my socks off. Sadly, my socks were still firmly attached to my feet. no “wuff” following the puff.

It felt weaker than I anticipated, more like a medium-potency strain.

You like what you hear? Purchase Bakerstreet Autoflower Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current strain is suitable. Never settle for marijuana that is inferior to what is found in dispensaries.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Hindu Kush Landrace
Dominant: Indica
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: 0.09%
THC Content: 16% – 28%
Growing Difficulty:

What is Bakerstreet Strain?

There is no mystery as to why this powerful plant is so well-liked, even though it shares its name with the London home of renowned fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes. Bakerstreet, a completely indica plant, was created by Canadian breeders LP Tweed using landrace Hindu Kush genetics. It has long-lasting calming effects and a distinctive, rich scent. THC levels on Bakerstreet were discovered to be consistently high, ranging from 16% to 28%.

The Bakerstreet Strain, according to users, has an immensely euphoric and uplifting beginning and leaves you blissfully content with waning waves of inventiveness and invention. This results in great pain reduction and a sensation of comfort and relaxation across the entire body. Starting at the back of the head and neck, this feeling of well-being gradually permeates the entire body, leaving you couch-locked but not overly sleepy.

Growing Information of Bakerstreet Strain

Through evolution, Bakerstreet has been acclimated to the challenging surroundings of the Hindu Kush. It is a hardy and adaptable plant that can endure sudden temperature fluctuations. Because of this, it grows well whether it is planted indoors or outside. But Tweed didn’t make its seeds available to the general public. Although Bakerstreet and other breeders’ Hindu Kush plants are technically the same, their qualities may vary unless they are clones of the original plant owned by the company.

How to Grow Bakerstreet Strain

Within 8 to 9 weeks, Bakerstreet blooms inside and can yield up to 12 blossoms per square meter. With glass-like trichomes coating the plant’s sticky feel, the blossoms on this variety will be striking. Bakerstreet flowers may have sphere-like shapes and mossy green leaves and have pure indica roots. With proper care and the use of specialist indoor gardening tools, it might be shortened by one week. When mature, it ought to yield 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter. By the beginning of October, if the plant is grown outside, it should enter the blooming stage. Before the month is out, harvest is conceivable because each plant can yield up to 12 ounces of icy buds.

Strain Aroma

Bakerstreet’s blossoms have a perfume that is paradoxically sweet and sour, resembling gasoline or fermented vegetable debris, when they are mature. If you look closely, you can also detect a strong cheese tang. These nuggets emit hash, incense-like scents when they are ground up, which are frequently connected to this strain’s Hindu Kush origin. When burned, Bakerstreet embits a noxious smoke that can burn the palate and cause sinus irritation.

Strain Flavor

– The combination of dirt, sage, and herbs tastes equally delicious. The first puff leaves the mouth with a cool rush of pine and a sweet aftertaste with a trace of diesel.

Strain Appearance

Bakerstreet distinguishes itself right away with strong, well-shaped blooms. These buds cling in a strikingly rounded, almost spherical configuration and have a structure that is unmistakably indica. The leaves are twisted with orange and brown pistils and have a deep, mossy green color. These already striking flowers are covered in translucent, icy-looking trichomes, which give them a glistening appearance and a very sticky texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bakerstreet Strain yield?

-When grown outdoors, Bakerstreet produces 12 ounces or more per plant and produces 10 to 12 ounces per square meter inside.

How much THC does Bakerstreet Strain have?

-Around 17%

What are the origins of the Bakerstreet Strain?

-As a strain of the Hindu Kush, Bakerstreet was developed in the mountainous area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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